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The Gods Awaken

Catalog Number PR/BL CD 001
Barcode 5019148629191
Release Date May 10, 2001
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 16.99 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Work
OrganizationsProximity Records


Composer / Bjørn Lynne, Ken Senior
Arranger / Bjørn Lynne
Performer / Bjørn Lynne, Rebecca Webster, Mark Robotham, Marc Pattison, Vince Vrbancic, Fred Schendel, Dave Foster, Mark Knight, Ken Senior, Steve Babb, Cris Blyth


Disc 1

01 The Dance of Hadin 2:26
02 The Sisters of Asper 8:13
03 Jooli's Song 7:35
04 The Return of Safar Timura 7:49
05 The Mural 4:42
06 On Conjurer's Seas 6:16
07 King Felino and the Slay Ground 6:46
08 Lottyr, Lady of the Hells 7:24
09 Two Kings in Hadinland 14:12
10 The Ringmaster 6:41
Disc length 72:04



All music written by Bjorn Lynne, exept "Two Kings in Hadinland" written by Bjorn Lynne and Ken Senior.

All tracks arranged and produced by Bjorn Lynne.

Allan Cole: All words written by Allan Cole. All music inspired by the novel "The Gods Awaken" by Allan Cole.

Kamil Vojnar: Cover artwork by Kamil Vojnar. Kamil appears Courtesy of Flying Blind Pictures -

Bjorn Lynne: Acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, voices and percussion on all tracks.

Rebecca Webster: Flute on "The Sisters of Asper", "On Conjurer's Seas", "The Mural" and "The Ringmaster".

Mark Robotham: All drums. Mark Robotham appears courtesy of Thieves Kittchen.

Marc Pattison: Additional guitar solo on "On Conjurer's Seas". Marc Pattison web site:

Vince Vrbancic: Guitar solo at 05:00-06:00 in "Jooli's Song". Vince Vrbancic web site:

Fred Schendel: Hammond organ on "King Felino and the Slay Ground". Fred also composed the hammond intro himself. Fred appears courtesy of Glass Hammer:

Dave Foster: Guitar solo on "Lottyr, Lady of the Hells". Dave Foster appears courtesy of Mr. So & So.

Mark Knight: Violin on "Lottyr, Lady of the Hells", "On Conjurer's Seas" and "The Mural". Mark Knight web site:

Ken Senior: "Two Kings in Hadinland" was written by Bjorn Lynne and Ken Senior and features Ken on acoustic & electric guitars, amd Bjorn on acoustic & electric guitars, keys, bass, and the rest. Ken Senior info is available from

Steve Babb: Keyboard solo on "The Return of Safar Timura". Steve also wrote the keyboard solo himself. Steve Babb appears courtesy of Glass Hammer:

Cris Blyth: Voice on "The Ringmaster".

Special thanks to all the great musicians who contributed to this album (Marc, Mark, Dave, Ken, Vince, Rebecca, Fred, Steve, Cris, and Mark). Special thanks also to Allan Cole, Steven McCabe of Proximity Records and Malcolm Parker of Cyclops/GFT. And of course to Kamil Vojnar for the glorious cover artwork.

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