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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 12, 2014
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 4.00 EUR
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsShiryu Music


Arranger / Shiryu
Performer / Shiryu


Disc 1

01 Virtua Fighter XX 2:06
02 Daytona XX 2:17
03 Panzer Dragoon XX 3:44
04 SEGA Rally Championship XX 3:33
05 Shinobi Legions XX 2:43
06 Virtual On: Cyber Trooper XX 3:25
07 Burning Rangers XX 4:28
08 Virtua Cop XX 2:50
09 Sonic R XX 2:28
10 Radiant Silvergun XX 2:08
11 House of the Dead XX 3:37
12 Shinning Force 3 XX 2:13
13 Dragon Force XX 2:56
14 Grandia XX 2:43
15 Policenauts XX 1:34
16 Albert Odyssey XX 2:36
17 Shining in the Holy Ark XX 3:10
18 Fighters Megamix XX 3:00
19 Sonic 3D Blast XX 3:10
20 Nights Into Dreams XX 4:51
Disc length 59:32



"In 1994, video games stepped out of their 16-bit comfort zone and plunged into the 32-bit era. Newcomer Sony and Veteran SEGA went into direct battle to compete for video game fans minds and allowances. It was an absolutely amazing age to be a young gamer. Both CD base machines would bring arcade quality entertainment to your homes, amazing 3D graphics and red book audio witch meant that most often then not, we were getting a video game and it's OST for the price of one!

SEGA released the Saturn on November 22, 1994. It brought arcade quality games from the game centres to Japanese homes. In a surprising move that actually did more bad than good, SEGA anticipated the western release to May and July 1995, leaving American and European gamers with only "Virtua Fighter" to play on an extremely expensive Summer proposition. Regardless of it's future, the Saturn was embraced by gamers and video game producers alike, specially amazing 2D games and some of the finest RPGs ever to grace a SEGA system.

To celebrate the Saturn's 20th birthday, I have take music from 20 of my favourite video game memories of those years and turned them into chiptune remixes / covers.  Hope you enjoy and that this brings you some great memories!" - Shiryu

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