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Hoshi wo Katta Hi Soundtrack

星をかった日 サウンドトラック
The Day I Bought a Star Soundtrack
Catalog Number MDG-R-00004
Barcode 4571101911404
Release Date Mar 01, 2006
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherMuseo d'Arte Ghibli / /

Disc 1

01 Nona's Star 4:34
02 Double Moon Day ~ Wind Going Up The Hill 3:47
03 Tera's Truth 3:56
04 From There... 3:03
05 Iblard Lullaby 4:21
06 Updraft (Flight Day) 4:48
07 Movie Version Soundtrack "The Day I Bought a Star Suite" 12:22
Disc length 36:51

Translated by flyinglight18


Composed, Arranged, Produced by Norihiro Tsuru (M2, M4, M5, M7) / Yuriko Nakamura (M1, M3, M6, M7)
Performed by
Norihiro Tsuru (Vl, Key)
Yuriko Nakamura (Pf, Key)
Ayako Karasawa [唐沢彩子] (Vc)
Yasuhisa Yamamoto (Perc)

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Akihiko Ohno (M7) / Norihiro Tsuru (M1~6)
Sound Editor: 大野直子 (M7)
Recording Engineer: 廣田雅紀 (M1~6)
Piano Conditioner: 真鍋要 (M1~6)
Technical Support: SCI

Recording Studio: Mitaka Geijutsu Bunka Center Kaze no Hall (M7), TSURU Studio (M1~6)
Mastering Studio: TSURU Studio
Mastering Engineer: Norihiro Tsuru

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