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Dungeonmans Remanstered

Catalog Number OCRI-0004
Release Date Jan 12, 2015
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Composer / Andrew Aversa
Arranger / Joshua Morse, WillRock, Inverse Phase, Daniel Caton, Ivan Hakštok, Dj CUTMAN, Daniel James Gagnon, McVaffe, Sbeast, Halley's Call, timaeus222, XPRTNovice, Sir Jordanius
Performer / Joshua Morse, WillRock, Sbeast, XPRTNovice, Sir Jordanius
Lyricist / XPRTNovice, Sir Jordanius


Disc 1

01 Cave Jam (Cimmerian Cavern) 3:23
02 School of Metal (Cave Cautus Custoditi) 3:22
03 Zboss (Proof of Stremf) 2:07
04 When Monsters Come Knocking (Proof of Stremf) 2:22
05 Listen to the Wind (Ataraxia) 3:45
06 Icy Crypt (Hyperborean Corridor, Unremembered Miscreation) 2:48
07 Big Bossmans Remixmans (Might of the Warlords) 2:01
08 Jade Cavern (Imperishable Solitude) 4:26
09 Brigand Brawl (Growl Atop the Triger) 2:46
10 Acid Tower (The Fortress Indomitable) 4:07
11 Tibetan Tussle (Imperishable Solitude, Unremembered Miscreation, Disquieting Quagmire) 2:52
12 Townmans (Ataraxia) 3:10
13 Eye of the Beeholder (The Fortress Indomitable) 3:55
14 Big Donut-Slammin' Moe (Cimmerian Cavern, Heliotropic Leviathan) 4:46
Disc length 45:50



zircon: Ever since I became a composer, I've wanted to write a soundtrack to a game like Dungeonmans; something that harkens back to my days of playing classic 16- and 32-bit RPGs. The developer, Jim Shepard, shares my love of these games and their soundtracks, not to mention that, while he's not a composer himself, he's very passionate about game music. Working on this project was thus a fantastic creative experience and the final result is, in my opinion, my finest score to date.

With that in mind, anytime someone takes the time to create an arrangement or interpretation of your original work, it's a wonderful feeling. So, to hear so many talented folks take on Dungeonmans is truly special. I was absolutely thrilled at the quantity and quality of remixes from both the friends that I personally invited, as well as the musicians who submitted to the contest. From hard rock and funk to EDM and chiptunes, I absolutely love every minute of it.

1. Joshua Morse - "Cave Jam"
Source: "Cimmerian Cavern"

2. WillRock - "School of Metal"
Source: "Cave Cautus Custoditi"

3. Inverse Phase - "Zboss"
Source: "Proof of Stremf"

4. Daniel Caton - "When Monsters Come Knocking"
Source: "Proof of Stremf"

5. Ivan Hakštok - "Listen to the Wind"
Source: "Ataraxia"

6. Dj CUTMAN - "Icy Crypt"
Sources: "Hyperborean Corridor," "Unremembered Miscreation"

7. Daniel James Gagnon - "Big Bossmans Remixmans"
Source: "Might of the Warlords"

8. McVaffe - "Jade Cavern"
Source: "Imperishable Solitude"

9. Sbeast - "Brigand Brawl"
Source: "Growl Atop the Triger"

10. Halley's Call - "Acid Tower"
Source: "The Fortress Indomitable"

11. timaeus222 - "Tibetan Tussle"
Sources: "Imperishable Solitude," "Unremembered Miscreation," "Disquieting Quagmire"

12. Inverse Phase - "Townmans"
Source: "Ataraxia"

13. XPRTNovice - "Eye of the Beeholder"
Source: "The Fortress Indomitable"

14. Sir Jordanius - "Big Donut-Slammin' Moe"
Sources: "Cimmerian Cavern," "Heliotropic Leviathan"

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