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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 22, 2014
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Original Work
PublisherDescendants of Erdrick / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Disc 1

01 Seven Maidens 1:34
02 Advent (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) 5:48
03 Beneath the Forest of Mushrooms (Super Mario RPG) 5:48
04 War of the Magitek (Final Fantasy VI) 7:02
05 Fortune Smiles Upon Thee (Dragon Warrior) 8:16
06 Divine Intervention 1:12
07 Act of Birth and Sacrifice (Actraiser) 5:05
08 Stones (Ultima V) 4:10
09 The Dark Prophecy (Secret of Mana) 6:16
10 Shinra Oppression (Final Fantasy VII) 4:29
11 Lavos: Bringer of War (Chrono Trigger) 7:16
Disc length 56:56



Advent is a progressive-metal, RPG/Adventure-themed album by Descendants of Erdrick, inspired by epic soundtracks from epic games! Travel with us through the Narshe mines, Dragonlord's dungeon, Hyrule Castle's secret passage, the Mushroom Forest Maze, the Dawn of Lavos - and more.

Our journey awaits!
released 22 November 2014


Amanda Lepre - Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Elliott - Guitar
Emily Thompson - Synthesizers
Thad Stevens - Bass
Jim Watson - Drums


Produced by Amanda Lepre / Descendants of Erdrick

Arrangements by Amanda Lepre

Lyrics by Amanda Lepre EXCEPT:

"Stones (Ultima V)" - lyrics by Kathleen Jones
"Act of Birth and Sacrifice (Actraiser)" - lyrics by the people of Kasandora. Interpretation by Amanda Lepre

Deathly screams and bellows on "Lavos: Bringer of War (Chrono Trigger)" from the hellish core of Lavos. Summoned through the vocal cords of:
Erik Peabody (
Ryan Postlethwait (
Travis Morgan
Chris Ryberg

Cover artwork and photography by Melissa Flores

Map by Amanda Lepre

All songs engineered by Descendants of Erdrick
Main recording engineer: Glenn Elliott
Drum engineer: Jason Richard (Clockright Studios, Austin, TX)
Mixing and mastering by Andreas Kotsamanidis

Andreas Kotsamanidis, Mateo "Big Mat" Marshall, The World is Square, Luis Omar Guevara, Anthony Dickinson, Chuck Simpson, Erik Peabody, Ryan Postlethwait, Travis Morgan, Chris Ryberg, our friends and fans - both new and old - for your continued support and love, and the composers of such timeless classics.

For Descendants of Erdrick news, media, show schedule, merchandise, and more, please visit:

All original material property of their respective owners.

Run time: 57 min.

2014 Descendants of Erdrick / Infermore Music.

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