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Toren Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 12, 2015
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 3.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherVersus Evil / /
Exclusive RetailerSteam / /


Composer / Vinicius Kleinsorgen, Lucas Flicky
Arranger / Vinicius Kleinsorgen, Mateus Brandão
Performer / Dhiego Lima, Atli Ellendersen, Moara Pessatti, Klaus Kaizer Schwerdtfeger, Thalita S. Ferronato, Cleverson Doehnert, Marcos De Lazzari, Ricardo Molter, Leonardo Mendes Vaz, Josiane Websky Lima, Allan Zago, Marcelo Lemos da Silva, Aramis Mendes, Fabiane Nishimori Ferronato, Orlielto Dos Santos, Samuel Pessatti, Pericles Gomes, Clodoaldo Nunes, Cesar Aquino, Kiko Vargas, Laurimar "Dunga" Jr., Marcos De Lazzari, Aramis Mendes, Allan Zago, Cleverson Doehnert, Matt Nuñez, Gustavo Alencar, Mariana Coelho, Novastrike Orchestra
Mixing Engineer / Vinicius Kleinsorgen


Disc 1

01 Under The Grief of The Night 1:27
02 Frozen Beauty 0:44
03 Toren 1:32
04 Ancient Teachings 0:36
05 Frail Seedling 0:21
06 Forgotten Tale 1:10
07 Her Playground 2:27
08 The Tree of Life 0:58
09 Springtime 2:43
10 Looming Threat 1:17
11 Upon The Eyes of Death 1:19
12 Waltz of The Fallen 2:02
13 Outlying Walls 2:00
14 Autumn Rainfall 2:03
15 Passageway 0:24
16 Shades of Winter 0:47
17 Born of The Stars 1:20
18 Resolve 0:30
19 Battle Over The Celestial Bridge 3:25
20 The Last Pillar 0:30
21 Selenic Steps 2:30
22 Eclipsing Touch 1:11
23 Timeless Lore 2:30
Disc length 33:46



Available as a DLC for owners of the game "Toren", on Steam.

Production by Novastrike Soundscape

Composed, arranged, produced, and mixed by Vinicius Kleinsorgen
Additional music composed by Lucas Flicky (Track 16)

Score Preparation, Orchestration and Conducting: Mateus Brandão
Recording Technicians: Guigo Berger, Tiago Brandão

Session 1 Musicians:

Dhiego Lima

[Violins I]
Atli Ellendersen
Moara Pessatti
Klaus Kaizer Schwerdtfeger
Thalita S. Ferronato
Cleverson Doehnert

[Violins II]
Marcos De Lazzari
Ricardo Molter
Leonardo Mendes Vaz
Josiane Websky Lima
Allan Zago

Marcelo Lemos da Silva
Aramis Mendes
Fabiane Nishimori Ferronato
Orlielto Dos Santos

Samuel Pessatti
Pericles Gomes
Clodoaldo Nunes
Cesar Aquino

Kiko Vargas
Laurimar "Dunga" Jr.

Session 2 Musicians:

Marcos De Lazzari (Violin and Viola)
Aramis Mendes (Violin and Viola)
Allan Zago (Violin)
Cleverson Doehnert (Violin)
Matt Nuñez (Cello)
Gustavo Alencar (Cello)

Soprano Soloist:

Mariana Coelho (Tracks 12, 23)

Additional orchestral and choir performance by the Novastrike Orchestra

Recorded at Studio Bocchino, managed by Carlos Domingues Eruditu
Additional recordings done at Vox Dei Studio

(Taken from Steam description)

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