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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 14, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherRelativity Music Group / /


Disc 1

01 Symphony In Oh 3:29
02 Gratuity's Apartment 1:58
03 Saying The Sorry 2:45
04 Two Fugitives 3:04
05 Come Into The Out Now 2:47
06 Smek Down 4:18
07 Patched-In 4:08
08 Moving Day 2:47
09 Sad-Mad 2:22
10 Running Towards Danger 2:16
11 Knock-Knock 2:39
12 Returning The Shusher 3:41
13 Frolicking In Paris 3:30
Disc length 39:44



Music Composed & Produced by Lorne Balfe

Executive in Charge of Music for DreamWorks Animation: Sunny Park
Executive in Charge of Soundtracks for Relativity Music Group: Jason Markey
Executive Soundtrack Producers: Jason Markey, Bob Bowen & Ryan Kavanaugh
Music Coordinators for Relativity Music Group: Ian Broucek & Meredith McBee
Album Mastered by Stephen Marsh

Music Editor: Tom Carlson
Score Recorded by Geoff Foster & Olga FitzRoy
Score Mixed by Stephen Lipson
Orchestrator: Oscar Senén
Additional Orchestrations by Joan Martorell
Music Programmer: Max Aruj
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Lucy Whalley
Librarian & Music Preparation: Jill Streater, Global Music Service
Booth Reader: Thomas Farnon
Score Recorded at Air Studios, London
Studio Manager: Alison Burton
Digital Recordists: Chris Barrett & Fiona Cruickshank
Score Technical Engineers: Max Aruj & Thomas Farnon
Score Assistant Engineers: Laurence Anslow & John Prestage
Scoring Editor: Richard Robson
Score Mixed at Battery Studios, London
Score Mix Assistant Engineer: Edd Hartwell
Score Production Supervisor: Charlene Ann Huang
Score Production Coordinator: Kelly Johnson
Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky
Score Technical Assistant: Steffen Thum
Music Coordinators: Tori Fillat & Sebastien Christie
Music Clearances: Julie Butchko
Music Business Affairs: Kevin Breen & Emily Morchower

Orchestra & Soloists
Orchestra Conducted by Gavin Greenaway
Woodwinds & Choir Conducted by Ben Foster
Orchestra Leader: Perry Montague-Mason
Tuba / Cimbasso: Owen Slade
Flute / Piccolo: Eliza Marshall
Flute / Piccolo / Alto: Anna Noakes
Oboe: David Theodore
Bb Clarinet: Nick Rodwell
Bb Clarinet / Bass Clarinet: Anthony Pike
Bassoon: Gavin McNaughton
Drums / Drum Solos: Ian Thomas
Percussion: Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel & Paul Clarvis
Guitars: John Parricelli
Bass Guitar: Yolanda Charles
Choir: Metro Voices
Choirmaster: Catherine Bott
Choir Conducted by Ben Foster

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