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Attack on Titan Original Soundtrack

Shingeki no Kyojin Original Soundtrack


Disc 1

01 Le Soleil d'Or 1:55
02 War Song 3:20
03 Masterplan, Metalopera 5:21
04 God have Mercy 4:17
05 Rise up, Rhythmetal 5:09
06 The Original Sin 2:06
07 Boule de cristal, piano 2:56
08 For the dead 3:40
09 Die die die die!! 3:39
10 Temper the wind 4:14
11 Orchestre, lent 3:57
12 Deuxième ouverture 3:49
13 Rise up 4:05
14 War, politics and power 5:17
15 Attack of Titans 2:38
16 Orchestre, géant à l'est 5:25
17 ATM, Rhythmetal 4:36
18 Orchestre, apogée 5:54
19 Golden Sun 5:06
20 Boule de cristal, epilogue d'orchestre 2:25
Disc length 79:49


Composed, Arranged and Produced by Shiro SAGISU
The London Studio Orchestra
Leader: Perry Montague-Mason

Violin (1st Principal): Perry Montague-Mason, Violin (2nd Principal): Emlyn Singleton, Viola (Principal): Peter Lale,
Cello (Principal): David Daniels, Contrabass (Principal): Chris Laurence, Flute/Piccolo: Eliza Marshall, Anna Noakes,
Oboe/Cor Anglais: Chris Cowie, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Jon Carnac, Dave Fuest, Bassoon/Contrabassoon: Richard Skinner,
French Horn: Laurence Davies, Nigel Black, Simon Rayner, Philip Eastop, Trumpet: John Barclay, Tom Rees-Roberts,
Jason Evans, Trombone: Richard Edwards, Mark Nightingale, Bass Trombone: Andy Wood, Tuba: Owen Slade,
Timpani: Stephen Henderson, Percussion: Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel, Harp: Skaila Kanga

Conductor: Nick Ingman
Orchestra contractor: Lucy Whalley and Isobel Griffiths

Our Special Choir
Soporano: Catherine Bott, Mezzo-soprano, alto: Deborah Miles-Johnson, Tenor: Andrew Busher, Bass: Michael George

Choir arrangement: Shiro SAGISU
Choir lyrics: Mike Wyzgowski

Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra
Concertmaster: Ewa Marczyk
Conductor: Masamichi Amano

Arrangers: Masamichi Amano, Koji Ueno, Teiho, CHOKKAKU and Shiro SAGISU
All synthesizers and rhythm programming: CHOKKAKU and Shiro SAGISU
Keyboards and Piano: Junko Miyagi and Shiro SAGISU
Guitars and Bass: CHOKKAKU and Steve Homes
Traditional Flutes solos: Robert A White

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