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fx 2.0

Catalog Number mtk.mp3.086
Release Date Aug 29, 2002
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Published by Monotonik
Composed by virt
Arranged by


Disc 1

01 Blastoff (Gyruss) 3:26
02 Bogey At Your 6 (Top Gun) 3:59
03 Vile Red Falcon (Contra) 2:43
04 Pizza Time (TMNT) 3:35
05 Option (Gradius 2) 3:13
06 Shell Shock (TMNT 3) 3:43
07 Blastoff (Bonus Beats) 2:56
Disc length 23:35


-=/fx 2.0/=-
a nes chiptune disk by virt

it has been about two years since fx was released, and i've been introduced to a pretty active chiptune scene through it. there are a lot of really awesome people who are into this stuff.

a student of film composition might, as part of his studies, practice re-scoring a whole film. that is, he cuts out the existing music track, and writes his own to replace it. i needed to go beyond the vaguely konami-style tunes of fx, and actually pretend that i had been hired to compose for specific konami nes games.

so, here are 6 new tunes. they are in the genre/style of music from the original games, with my own style added and, in some cases, a lot of progressive metal influences. i got the baroque-ish castlevania-esque stuff out of my system last time - here i am concentrating on other games, action titles and shooters.

please either listen in impulse tracker or xmplay, or download the mp3s from my site or wherever you got this zip. modplug and winamp butcher the tunes, ranging from not playing at all to missing the noise channel to messed up note bends. if you listen in a mod player the chances are good you're not hearing it correctly, and it may sound awful.

blast off (gyruss): in the game, an absolutely brilliant "konamization" of bach's toccata and fugue in dmin plays. this is what i would do instead.

bogey at your 6 (top gun): a much more aggressive and frantic tune than the original, with guitar solos, and the original dpcm jet hum in the background. even trusty xmplay will mess up the tempo of the intro, so check out the MP3 if you can't use impulse tracker to listen.

vile red falcon (contra): this is the most sparse of all the songs, but contra is one of the sparsest konami soundtracks, too. i did some weird rhythmic stuff here.

pizza time (tmnt 1): starts out with my version of overworld music, then sort of goes off on a huge tangent and skips to later in the game, and inside later buildings, then bosses and stuff. gets really progressive-wank later on.

option (gradius 2): traditional konami "shooter music" - a genre that is completely exlusive to games, and immediately recognizable.

shell shock (tmnt 3): tmnt3 is my favorite nes soundtrack of all time, and this is my attempt to pay homage to it. i love the "HEY!" sample so, so much.

shout outs, greets, thanks:

.everyone else.i'm.forgetting.

!!!!!!!!!!! MML / MCK RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!
near the end of my work on this disk, i started to get into using mck to actually write authentic nes music in nsf format, and i'm pretty sure thata if i release more nes music it will be as nsfs or even as a .nes demo rom! mml is a scripting language popular in japan, used for everything from cellphones to midi, and using a tool called mck, you can compile it with a sound driver into working nes tunes! grab my english translation of the mck docs at and the tools at and get started making your own REAL nes music!
somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!

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