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Broken Age Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number SE-3140-2 (reprint of N/A)
Release Date Jun 30, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 12.98 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Sumthing Else Music Works / /
Composed by Peter McConnell
Arranged by Karim Elmahmoudi, Peter McConnell
Performed by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sheldon Brown, Beth Custer, Matthew Eakle, Irene Sazer, Darcy Rindt, Jessica Ivry, Peter McConnell, Andrew Burton


Disc 1

01 Broken Age
02 Vella Wakes
03 March in the Clouds
04 Battle at Shellmound
05 Maidens' Feast
06 Mog Chothra
07 Hero
08 Time to Get Up, Little Spaceman
09 Vella's Mission
10 Hello Space
11 Let's Build a Bomb
12 In the Situation Room
13 Marek and the Thrushmaster
14 The Factory Explosion
15 Operation Dandelion
16 At the Bridge
17 Out on the Hull
18 Rising Sun
19 Cloud Colony Arrival
20 Welcome to Meriloft
21 Dropping In
22 The Lumberjack's Cabin
23 Was That East or West
24 New Worlds
25 Shay in Shellmound
26 Maloruna Rises
27 Marek Revealed
28 At the Gate
29 The Final Battle
30 Shellmound Festival
Disc length


The following titles are mislabeled due to erroneous CD tracklisting (compared to the digital release):

CD tracklisting [Actual track]
01. Broken Age [Broken Age - Vella Wakes]
02. Vella Wakes [March in the Clouds]
03. March in the Clouds [Battle at Shellmound]
04. Battle at Shellmound [Face the Cupcakes]

Notes from Parent Album:
Peter McConnell - Composer
Camden Stoddard - Music Supervisor
Brian Min - Audio Director
Karim Elmahmoudi - Orchestrator
Peter McConnell - Orchestrator

Tracks 1, 2, 4-8, 11, 13, 16, 17, 19, 22 performed by:

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Brett Kelly
Orchestra Management: Andrew Pogson
Sound Engineers: Chris Lawson and Nick Mierisch
Producer: Haig Burnell
Orchestra recorded at ABC Studios, Melbourne, AU
Mixed by Jory K. Prum at Studio Jory, Fairfax, CA

Tracks 3, 9, 10,12-15, 18, 19, 23 include performances by:

Bass clarinet, clarinet and crumhorn: Sheldon Brown
Clarinet: Beth Custer
Flute and bass flute: Matthew Eakle
Violin: Irene Sazer
Viola: Darcy Rindt
Cello: Jessica Ivry

Sextet recorded at Pyramind Studios, San Francisco, CA

Recording Engineers: Andre Zweers and Judy Kirschner
Second Engineer: Mike Forst
Session Producer: Michael Roache
Pyramind Creative Director: Clint Bajakian

Additional instrumentation:

Violin, electric violin, guitars, mandolin, wood flute, kalimba: Peter McConnell
Celeste: Andrew Burton
Celeste recorded at Mission Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Recording Engineer: Oliver Straus

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