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Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Studio Ghibli Symphonic Collection

チェコ・フィル プレイズ スタジオジブリ交響曲集
Catalog Number KO-88015 (bootleg printing of TKGA-502)
Release Date 2006
Publish Format Bootleg
Release Price Unknown (Taiwan)
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Live Event
PublisherK-O Records / /
This album is a bootleg.
Please support the original artists by not purchasing bootleg albums.

Disc 1

01 Chapter One - The Legend of Ashitaka (From "Symphonic Suite Princess Mononoke") 5:50
02 Chapter Four - Princess Mononoke (From "Symphonic Suite Princess Mononoke") 4:44
03 Chapter Eight - Ashitaka and San (From "Symphonic Suite Princess Mononoke") 4:33
04 The Theme of My Neighbors the Yamadas (Orchestral Version) [From "My Neighbors the Yamadas – Classical"] 3:37
05 Takashi and Matsuko's Tango - Sinfonico (From "My Neighbors the Yamadas – Classical") 3:26
06 The Baron (From "The Cat Returns (Original Soundtrack)") 4:24
07 Pastorale (From "The Cat Returns (Original Soundtrack)") 4:39
08 Haru's Memories (From "The Cat Returns (Original Soundtrack)") 3:27
09 A Mysterious World (From "Howl's Moving Castle – Image Symphonic Suite") 5:07
10 The Moving Castle (From "Howl's Moving Castle – Image Symphonic Suite") 4:00
11 War War War (From "Howl's Moving Castle – Image Symphonic Suite") 4:52
12 Cave of the Mind (From "Howl's Moving Castle – Image Symphonic Suite") 5:54
13 Always With Me (Orchestral Version) [From "Spirited Away"] (Bonus Track [Debut]) 4:35
Disc length 59:08

Translated by iTunes


M01~3 - Princess Mononoke
Recorded 1998/6/6~8
Composition: Joe Hisaishi

M04~5 - My Neighbors the Yamadas
Recorded 1999/2/27~28
Composition: Akiko Yano

M06~8 - The Cat Returns
Recorded 2001/12/11~12
Composition: Yuji Nomi

M09~12 - Howl's Moving Castle
Recorded 2003/10/18~20
Composition: Joe Hisaishi

M13 - Spirited Away (Bonus Track)
Recorded 2001/12/11~12
Composition: Youmi Kimura

Conductor: Mario Klemens
Recording Hall: House of Artists (Dvořák Hall / Prague)

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