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Pride Kakumei / CHiCO with HoneyWorks [Limited Edition]

プライド革命 / CHiCO with HoneyWorks [期間生産限定盤]
Catalog Number SMCL-399 (alternate printing of SMCL-398)
Barcode 4580163594203
Release Date Aug 05, 2015
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 1340 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
LabelMusicRay'n / /
ManufacturerMusicRay'n Inc. / /
DistributorSony Music Marketing Inc. / /
Phonographic CopyrightMusicRay'n Inc. / /


Vocals / CHiCO
Composer / HoneyWorks
Arranger / HoneyWorks
Lyricist / HoneyWorks
Guitar / Oji
Bass / shito, Oji
Piano / cake
Drums / AtsuyuK!
Programming / Gom, cake
Recording / Satoshi Yoneda / (studio MSR)
Mixing / Satoshi Yoneda / (studio MSR)
Mastering / Mitsuyasu Abe / (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Mastering at / Sony Music Studios Tokyo
Cover Illustration / Yamako /
Character Design / Rocoru /
Art Direction / Sayako Takayama / (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)
Design / Sayako Takayama / (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)
A&R Producer / Tadahito Kimura / (MusicRay'n)
A&R / Miyuki Umemoto / (MusicRay'n)
A&R Desk / Yukari Saito / (MusicRay'n)
Promotion / Madoka Yanagi / (ANTENNAFLAG(S))
Sales Promotion / 廣瀬太一 (Sony Music Marketing)
Web Promotion / 平林滿己 (Sony Music Marketing)
Product Coordination / Yuko Mori / (Sony Music Communications)
Artist Management / Tadahito Kimura / (MusicRay'n), Yusuke Takimoto / (INCS toenter), Shiori Tamura / (INCS toenter), 深沢太士 (INCS toenter)
General Producer / Hirohito Shinohara / (MusicRay'n)
Executive Producer / Akira Takahashi / (MusicRay'n), Masaru Seo / (MusicRay'n), Ikko Shimizu / (unaluz), Yu Tamura / (INCS toenter)
Special Thanx / TV Anime "Gintama°" Production Committee / , SD Team, Sony Music Marketing / , Tsuyoshi Kusano Design / , ENA先生, Utakatsu! Audition / , 吉田, my family, all my friends, YOU!


Disc 1

01 Pride Kakumei 3:55
02 Historia 3:29
03 Pride Kakumei Instrumental 3:55
04 Historia Instrumental 3:25
Disc length 14:44



● cover design
keyframe: 升谷由紀
coloring: 金月梨香
special effects & background: Akiko Yamakawa

art direction & design: Sayako Takayama (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)

Notes from Parent Album:
♥ CHiCO with HoneyWorks are

vocal: CHiCO

composer & sound producer: Gom (HoneyWorks), shito (HoneyWorks)
illustration & design: Yamako (HoneyWorks)

♥ music

M-01 - TV Anime "Gintama°" 2nd Opening Theme
music, lyrics, arrangement: HoneyWorks
guitar: Oji
bass: shito
piano: cake
drums: AtsuyuK!

music, lyrics, arrangement: HoneyWorks
guitar, bass: Oji
piano: cake
programming: Gom, cake

recording & mixing: Satoshi Yoneda (studio MSR)
mastering: Mitsuyasu Abe (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)

♥ cover design

cover illustration: Yamako
character design: Rocoru
art direction & design: Sayako Takayama (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)

♥ staff

a&r producer: Tadahito Kimura (MusicRay'n)
a&r: Miyuki Umemoto (MusicRay'n)
a&r desk: Yukari Saito (MusicRay'n)
promotion: Madoka Yanagi (ANTENNAFLAG(S))
sales promotion: 廣瀬太一 (Sony Music Marketing)
web promotion: 平林滿己 (Sony Music Marketing)
product coordination: Yuko Mori (Sony Music Communications)

CHiCO management: Tadahito Kimura (MusicRay'n)
HoneyWorks management: Yusuke Takimoto (INCS toenter), Shiori Tamura (INCS toenter), 深沢太士 (INCS toenter)

general producer: Hirohito Shinohara (MusicRay'n)

executive producer: Akira Takahashi (MusicRay'n), Masaru Seo (MusicRay'n), Ikko Shimizu (unaluz), Yu Tamura (INCS toenter)

♥ special thanx

Everyone of TV Anime "Gintama°" Production Committee,
Everyone of SD Team,
Everyone of Marketing Room,
Everyone of Tsuyoshi Kusano Design, ENA先生,
Everyone of Utakatsu! Audition, 吉田,
my family, all my friends and... YOU!

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