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Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hedgehog Heaven

Catalog Number OCRA-0003
Release Date Mar 09, 2005
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Disc 1

01 Emerald Nights (Looking Up Mix) [Emerald Hill Zone] 5:03
02 Chemical Reaction (Chemical Plant Zone) 3:08
03 Aquatic Project (Aquatic Ruin Zone) 2:53
04 House of Cards (Casino Night Zone) 3:18
05 Hill Top Heaven (Hill Top Zone) 3:03
06 Cavern Escape (Mystic Cave Zone) 4:23
07 Oil Spill (Oil Ocean Zone) 5:14
08 Next My Generation (Metropolis Zone) 3:54
09 High Above the Sky (Sky Chase Zone) 3:26
10 Fortress of Glory (Wing Fortress Zone) 4:53
11 Apocalyptic Orbital Ovum (Death Egg Zone) 3:09
12 Hidden Palace Future (Hidden Palace Zone) 4:16
13 Robeatnik's Theme (Boss) 3:31
14 Travelling Through a Dream (Special Stage) 4:41
15 Sonikku, Ganbatte! (Invincibility) 1:17
16 Super Sonic Ska (Super Sonic) 1:28
17 Casino Jazz Club (Casino Night Race) 2:02
18 Party in the Emerald Hills (Emerald Hill Race) 2:20
19 Sonik Caves (Mystic Cave Race) 3:33
20 Radio Results (Race Results) 4:28
21 Bring in the Machine (Final Boss) 4:12
22 Is This the End? (Ending) 1:18
Disc length 75:30




1.01 Emerald Nights (Looking Up Mix)
Arranged by: nesper & skulkrusha
Source Track: Emerald Hill Zone

1.02 Chemical Reaction
Arranged by: Snyderman
Source Track: Chemical Plant Zone

1.03 Aquatic Project
Arranged by: Sadorf
Source Track: Aquatic Ruin Zone

1.04 House of Cards
Arranged by: Joker
Source Track: Casino Night Zone

1.05 Hill Top Heaven
Arranged by: Jayson Litrio
Source Track: Hill Top Zone

1.06 Cavern Escape
Arranged by: Icy Guy
Source Track: Mystic Cave Zone

1.07 Oil Spill
Arranged by: analoq
Source Track: Oil Ocean Zone

1.08 Next My Generation
Arranged by: analoq
Source Track: Metropolis Zone

1.09 High Above the Sky
Arranged by: Sir NutS
Source Track: Sky Chase Zone

1.10 Fortress of Glory
Arranged by: PsawniK
Source Track: Wing Fortress Zone

1.11 Apocalyptic Orbital Ovum
Arranged by: Aeolius
Source Track: Death Egg Zone

1.12 Hidden Palace Future
Arranged by: FFmusic Dj
Source Track: Hidden Palace Zone

1.13 Robeatnik's Theme
Arranged by: richter
Source Track: Boss

1.14 Travelling Through a Dream
Arranged by: Hadyn
Source Track: Special Stage

1.15 Sonikku, Ganbatte!
Arranged by: mario
Source Track: Invincibility

1.16 Super Sonic Ska
Arranged by: Blak_Omen
Source Track: Super Sonic

1.17 Casino Jazz Club
Arranged by: Jonathon Striker
Source Track: Casino Night Race

1.18 Party in the Emerald Hills
Arranged by: Hadyn
Source Track: Emerald Hill Race

1.19 Sonik Caves
Arranged by: analoq
Source Track: Mystic Cave Race

1.20 Radio Results
Arranged by: richter
Source Track: Race Results

1.21 Bring in the Machine
Arranged by: richter
Source Track: Final Boss

1.22 Is This the End?
Arranged by: DCT
Source Track: Ending

Album Stats

Contained in 42 collections
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Platforms represented
Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)



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