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Streets of Rage Remake

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jan 16, 2007
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
OrganizationsBoMbErGaMeS SoFt


Disc 1

01 Go Straight 1:30
02 Bar Hopping 1:20
03 Never Return Alive 1:48
04 Keep the Groovin' 1:37
05 Dreamer 4:28
06 Big Boss 3:01
07 Trippin' on the Bridge 3:28
08 Walking Bottom 0:57
09 Jungle Base 2:05
10 The Last Groove 4:01
11 Spin on the Bridge (Dance Club Mix) 0:50
12 The Street of Rage 1:34
13 Up & Up 2:10
14 The Island of Everlasting Summer (Super Adventure Island) 2:00
15 Violent Breathing 2:28
16 Fuze 1:47
17 Subway 0:47
18 The Super Threc 2:34
19 Secret Laboratory 1:59
20 Secret Laboratory (Monster Gallery Mix) 1:43
21 Spin on the Bridge 2:10
22 Baseball Stadium 1:28
23 Back to the Industry 2:18
24 Entertainment Street 2:07
25 Hurry Up! 1:36
26 Tide Riders 1:54
27 Good Ending 3:13
28 Ferryboat 2:48
29 Dub Slash 1:45
30 Attack of the Barbarian 1:25
31 Bulldozer 2:08
32 Too Deep 2:11
33 Max Man 3:31
34 Round Clear 0:08
35 Player Select 0:53
36 Game Over 0:06
37 Bad Ending 2:31
38 Bonus. Go Straight (Beta Mix) 2:21
Disc length 76:40



Soundtrack for BoMbErGaMeS's Streets of Rage Remake

Available at

Covers are fan-made and do not use the original tracklist order, but were arranged to look like an official release.

Go Straight by Gecko Yamori
Bar Hopping by JAXX
Never Return Alive by Gecko Yamori
Keep the Groovin' by Gecko Yamori
Dreamer by B-A-C
Big Boss by B-A-C
Trippin' on the Bridge by Gecko Yamori
Walking Bottom by Gecko Yamori
Jungle Base by Gecko Yamori
The Last Groove by Gecko Yamori
Spin on the Bridge (Dance Club Mix) by Gecko Yamori
The Street of Rage by Groovemaster303
Up & Up by Yuzo Koshiro
The Island of Everlasting Summer (Super Adventure Island) by Yuzo Koshiro
Violent Breathing by B-A-C
Fuze by Kaleth
Subway by B-A-C
The Super Threc by B-A-C
Secret Laboratory by B-A-C
Secret Laboratory (Monster Gallery Mix) by B-A-C
Spin on the Bridge by Gecko Yamori
Baseball Stadium by B-A-C
Back to the Industry by B-A-C
Entertainment Street by B-A-C
Hurry Up! by Sanchizmo
Tide Riders by Kaleth
Good Ending by Groovemaster303
Ferryboat by B-A-C
Dub Slash by Gecko Yamori
Attack of the Barbarian by Gecko Yamori
Bulldozer by Groovemaster303
Too Deep by Groovemaster303
Max Man by Groovemaster303
Round Clear by Gecko Yamori
Player Select by Gecko Yamori
Game Over by Gecko Yamori
Bad Ending by B-A-C
Go Straight (Beta Mix) by Gecko Yamori

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