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Club Game Music

Catalog Number OUS EP-01
Release Date Jun 15, 2006
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOneUp Studios / /


Disc 1

01 Sonic the Hedgehog 5:47
02 Tron 3:02
03 Final Fantasy 4:59
04 Legend of Zelda 2:46
05 Halo 3:46
06 Tetris 3:04
07 Super Mario Bros. 2:43
Disc length 26:07



Long time ago we were asked to make some demos of some club style music of some popular games. Dale and I did that and then nothing came of it. So here, since we're done with OneUp, we're gonna release it for frizzy. BUT DON'T YOU GET ALL HUFFY AND THINK THAT WE'RE NOT TRUE TO OUR GRIMEY, MONEY-LOVING SELVES. We'll "require" a five dollar donation, please. After all, you're eating bandwidth and stealing music that we stole and arranged and are giving you later 'cause we didn't know what to do with it anyway. It's a very complicated process, but trust us, we definitely feel like the Five Dollars is necessary. Otherwise, why would we demand it? So send us five clams so we can put more gas in our Ferraris and Jaguars and we'll let you listen to this stuff that we made so long ago that we forgot about it, found it, and then said, "Oh snaps, let's sell this junk." Thank you so much. So much. [Lights cigar with burning $5.00 bill] You'll find the link below amidst the donation buttons.


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