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Age of God

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 28, 2015
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
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Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsShiryu Music


Composer / Yuzo Koshiro / , Yukihide Takekawa /
Arranger / Shiryu
Performer / Shiryu


Disc 1

01 Act I: God's Sky Palace 1:06
02 Act II: God Descends to Battle 5:42
03 Act III: God and the People 3:24
04 Act IV: God of the Bloodpool 2:30
05 Act V: The People of Kasandora 4:14
06 Act VI: God of the Northwall 3:49
07 Act VII: God in the Pyramid 3:38
08 Act VIII: At God's End 4:50
09 God vs Satan 2:18
10 Soul Blazer Suite 27:22
Disc length 58:53



"Project Ages is compilation of my many video game music remix/covers tributes made in the past six years. I have decided to re-release some of those tracks into themed albums in order to facilitate listeners to pick their own game/genre and listen to the music of those videogames and/or composers.

I end this insane one man project with Yuzo Koshiro. Enix's "ActRaiser" is a rather unique game for I have yet to see myth and religion joining hands to such an amazing video game again. Despite being one of the very first video games available for the system, the orchestral soundtrack that plays along as you take control of God to fight the minions of evil while managing the life of the people down on the ground is simply breathtaking, showing the genius of Yuzo Koshiro and his ability
to master different musical genres and sound chips. As a bonus I also added another Enix fantastic JRPG music suite, a game where you play as the disciple of God and it actually follows the same religious themes, one of my all time my favourites: "Soul Blazer". Well, that's all 12 of the Project Ages albums released, I hope this and the eleven previous bring you amazing memories. As for me, who knows what I will do next... retire, maybe? Nah..." - Shiryu

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ActRaiser, Soul Blazer
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