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Uncle Art: A Temporal Shift

Catalog Number UA001 (alternate printing of UA001) [Extra Credits]
Release Date Nov 17, 2016
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 55.00 GBP (Package Price)
Media Format Vinyl
Classification Arrangement
Organizations Uncle Art Music
Composed by Dave Lowe
Arranged by Dave Lowe, Holly Jazz Lowe, Tom Player, Owain Llwyd
Performed by The Chamber Orchestra of London
Conducted by Geoff Alexander
Recorded by
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1

01 FRONTIER (Main Theme from Frontier Elite 2) 4:08
02 GAMES (Title Theme from Starglider) 5:47
03 BRIGHTEST STAR (From Starglider 2) 4:32
04 BENEATH A STEEL SKY (From Beneath A Steel Sky) 5:12
05 ENEMY IN VIEW (Second Theme from Frontier Elite 2) 3:13
06 JUST ANOTHER MISSION (From Carrier Command) 6:03
07 ELECTRIC FLAG (From Incredible Shrinking Sphere) 3:13
08 THE LONGEST NIGHT (From Midwinter 2, Flames of Freedom) 3:43
09 F1 CARRERA (From F1 Grand Prix) 3:43
10 STARBURNER (From Afterburner & Starglider) 2:52
Disc length 42:26


This 12" vinyl was only available in the Uncle Art: A Temporal Shift Kickstarter starting from the £55 tier.

Notes from Parent Album:
From the Uncle Art: A Temporal Shift Kickstarter.
The Main and Second theme of Frontier: Elite II is done by the Chamber Orchestra Of London.

The Kickstarter had several levels of content:
£15: Digital.
£25: Digital/Physical CD.
£30: Digital/Physical CD Signed.
£55: Digital/Physical CD + 12" Vinyl.

All tracks written by Dave Lowe and produced by Dave Lowe and Holly Jazz Lowe.
All tracks mastered by Nick Paige at Orbit Mastering

Tracks 1, 5 : arranged for orchestra by Tom Player and Owain Llwyd. Performed by Chamber Orchestra of London at Abbey Road Studios, London. Conducted by Geoff Alexander.
Engineered by Ben Darlow, assisted by Toby Hulbert and James Green.
Track 1 : Mixed by Ben Darlow
Track 5 : Mixed by Toby Hulbert

Tracks 4, 8, 9 : preproduction and recording by Holly Jazz Lowe at Tio Arte Studio, Mallorca.
Tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 : recorded by Dave Lowe and Holly Jazz Lowe at Uncle Art Studio, North Yorkshire.
Tracks 2-4, 6-10 : engineered, edited and mixed by by Dave Lowe and Holly Jazz Lowe at Uncle Art Studio

Musicians :
Dave Lowe : bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, synths, percussion, programming.
Holly Jazz Lowe : piano, keys, synths, flute, percussion, programming, vocals.
Jeff Lowe : electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele.
Eric Cecil : drums
Julia Wray : tenor saxophone
Dave Kemp : tenor and alto saxophone. Solo on track 4.
Ian Chalk and Martin Grundy : trumpet
Stuart Wilkinson : trombone
Voices :
Adrian "CMDR Henry Passionfruit" Esdaile and CMDR ElecrtricZ" : Radio Chatter voices
Kieran Hill : ground control voice
Victoria Lowe : "It's just another mission" (track 6)
Track 8 : contains a sample of the song 'Trains' by the band Repro, written by Jeff Lowe.

Cover artwork by Patrick Burke.
Photos by Dominic and Liam Shaw of York Place Studios.

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Atari ST, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga

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