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Soshite Boku wa.../RISE / Yui Sakakibara [Limited Edition]

そして僕は.../RISE / 榊原 ゆい <限定盤>
Catalog Number ZMCZ-3681
Barcode 4935228074204
Release Date Oct 24, 2007
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 1890 JPY
Media Format CD + DVD
Classification Vocal
LabelFive Records / /
Publisher5pb. Inc / /
DistributorMEDIA FACTORY, INC. / /


Disc 1 (CD) [ZMCZ-3681-1]

01 And I... 4:18
02 RISE 5:00
03 And I... off vocal 4:18
04 RISE off vocal 4:57
Disc length 18:33



All vocals by Yui Sakakibara

"Soshite Boku wa... / And I..." - TV Anime Prism Ark Opening Theme
Lyrics/Music: Chiyomaru Shikura
Arrange: Toshimichi Isoe
Sound & Recording Director: Chiyomaru Shikura
Guitar: Ryoji Toyoda
Chorus: Urara Takai
Recording / Mixing Studio: MARUNI STUDIO
Recording / Mixing Engineer: Takefumi Kanaya (MARUNI STUDIO)
Assistant Engineer: Toshihiko Kasai (MARUNI STUDIO)

"RISE" - PS2 Game Prism Ark -AWAKE- Ending Theme
Lyrics: Maki Yoshino
Music: Tomoyuki Hamada
Arrange: Joe Okinaka
Sound & Recording Director: Tomoyuki Hamada
Guitar: Takashi Masuzaki
Strings: Shouko Miki Strings
Chorus: Mami Yanagi
Recording Studio: SOUND ARTS
Recording Engineer: Katsumi Sambongi
Assistant Engineer: Erika Shimada
Mixing Studio: Studio 5pb.
Mixing Engineer: Jiro Nakajima

Mastering Studio: Memory-Tech
Mastering Engineer: Naomi Sassa (Memory-Tech)

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Game, Animation
Platforms represented
Sony PlayStation 2

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