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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Catalog Number 88875131422
Barcode 888751314221
Release Date Aug 07, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.99 GBP
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelSony Classical / /
DistributorSony Music Entertainment / /
Phonographic CopyrightSony Computer Entertainment America LLC / /


Music Composed by / Jessica Curry
Original Lyrics / Dan Pinchbeck*
Choir / Metro Voices, London Voices
Featured Violin / Clio Gould
Featured Vocalist / Elin Manahan Thomas
Featured Clarinet / Nicholas Rodwell
Piano / Iain Farrington
Harp / Hugh Webb
Executive Producer / Chuck Doud
Head of Music / Chuck Doud
Score Produced by / Keith Leary, Peter Scaturro
Music Engineering / Joel Yarger
Production Supervisor / Joel Yarger
Music Recorded at / AIR Studios (London)
Music Mixed at / AIR Studios (London)
Music Recorded by / Jake Jackson
Music Mixed by / Jake Jackson
Pro Tools Operator / Tom Bailey
Assistant Pro Tools Operator / Laurence Anslow
Orchestration / Jim Fowler
Music Preparation / David Foster
Librarian / David Foster
Conducted by / James Morgan, Ben Parry
Choirmaster / Terry Edwards
Orchestra Leader / Clio Gould
Mastered at / Playstation Recording Studios
Mastered by / Joel Yarger, Marc Senasac
Orchestra Contractor / Isobel Griffiths
Assistant Orchestra Contractor / Lucy Whalley
Manager / Jason Swan
Music Affairs / Jason Swan
Coordinator / Justin Fields, Vanessa Zamora
Assistant / Angelica Garde
Booklet Editing / WLP LTD
Design / WLP LTD
Licensing / Mark Cavell
Product Development / Klara Korytowska
Special Thanks / Chris Curry Clif, Oscar Pinchbeck, Marcie Jost, Peter Zorn, James Morgan, Elin Manahan Thomas, Stef Rickwood, Peter Scaturro, Joel Yarger, Keith Leary, Sony Santa Monica, AIR Studios, Jim Fowler, The Chinese Room, Adam Hay, Dan Pinchbeck, Shuhei Yoshida, Scott Rohde, Shannon Studstill, Richard Lee, David Murrant, Chacko Sonny, Deborah Mars, Nathan Gary, Chad Cox, Brian Upton, Eric Fong
Liner Notes / Jessica Curry, Dan Pinchebeck


Disc 1 Original Soundtrack

01 All the Earth 1:44
02 Finding the Pattern 4:00
03 Liquid Light 2:22
04 The Sleep of Death 2:01
05 For Ever 1:25
06 The Mourning Tree 1:39
07 Disappearing 5:02
08 All of My Birds 2:21
09 A Choice 1:38
10 The Seventh Whistler 1:56
11 An Early Harvest 5:15
12 The Fragmenting 1:21
13 A Beautiful Morning 2:16
14 Carry Me Back to Her Arms 2:23
15 A Storm Over Yaughton 4:16
16 Little White Lie 1:10
17 Aurora 2:20
18 Clouds and Starlight 2:34
19 The Pattern Calls Out 3:12
20 The Manifestation 3:06
21 These Silent Numbers 1:32
22 Primary Conduit 1:51
23 I Hope You Find Peace 2:07
24 Slipping Away 1:58
25 Infinite Zero 1:24
26 The End of All Things 1:57
27 I am not Afraid 1:16
28 The Light We Cast 3:10
Disc length 67:16



Music Composed by JESSICA CURRY
Executive Producer for SCEA / Head of Music CHUCK DOUD
Music Engineering and Production Supervisor JOEL YARGER
Music Recorded and Mixed at AIR Studios, London, by JAKE JACKSON
Pro Tools Operator TOM BAILEY
Assistant Pro Tools Operator LAURENCE ANSLOW

Original lyrics by DAN PINCHBECK

Orchestration by JIM FOWLER
UK Music Preparation & Librarian DAVID FOSTER
Orchestra and Metro Voices Choir Conducted by JAMES MORGAN
London Voices Choir Conducted by BEN PARRY
London Voices Choirmaster TERRY EDWARDS
Orchestra Leader and Featured Violin CLIO GOULD
Featured Clarinet NICHOLAS RODWELL

Soundtrack Mastered at PlayStation Recording Studios by JOEL YARGER & MARC SENASAC
Orchestra Contractor ISOBEL GRIFFITHS
Assistant Orchestra Contractor LUCY WHALLEY
Sr. Manager, Music Afairs JASON SWAN
Sr. Music Licensing Coordinator JUSTIN FIELDS
Sr. Music Department Coordinator VANESSA ZAMORA
Sr. Music Department Assistant ANGELICA GARDE


Booklet Editing & Design: WLP LTD
Sony Classical Licensing: MARK CAVELL
Sony Classical Product Development: KLARA KORYTOWSKA

Chris Curry Clif (key advisor on literally everything and the best mum in the world), Oscar Pinchbeck (my fun, clever, silly, wonderful boy), Marcie Jost and Peter Zorn (family in the truest sense of the word), James Morgan (talent and kindness wrapped into one), Elin Manahan Thomas (for that unique, pure voice), Stef Rickwood (top lady, Curry wrangler and all round superstar), Peter Scaturro (Jedi mind reader, gallant protector and the best blanket ever), Joel Yarger (for always knowing what I wanted before I did), Keith Leary (for agreeing that the relentless pursuit of excellence is the only way to go), Sony Santa Monica (for trusting me), AIR Studios (a place of creativity and heart), Jim Fowler (for a really special few months, for the wonderful work and the best, most unrepeatable gags ever), the amazing team at The Chinese Room (what an extraordinary world they have made), Adam Hay (patience and encouragement personiļ¬ed) and and all of the amazing musicians and singers that lifted this music into the next realm. Finally to the irrepressible, irreplaceable, indefatigable Dan Pinchbeck who is, quite simply, my world.

Shuhei Yoshida, Scott Rohde, Shannon Studstill, Richard Lee, David Murrant, Chacko Sonny, Deborah Mars, Nathan Gary, Chad Cox, Brian Upton, and Eric Fong.

In Memory of Tony Clif. We miss him every day.

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