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Que ~Fairy of Ancient Leaf~ Audio Collection

Que~エンシェントリーフの妖精~ Audio Collection
Que ~Ancient Leaf no Yousei~ Audio Collection
Catalog Number FPBD-0006
Release Date Jun 28, 2007
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 10500 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelFive Records / /
Publisher5pb. Inc / /



Disc 1

01 Fractal Tree 4:41
02 Fairy of ancient leaf 3:14
03 Tender feelings 2:59
04 A dream I can't abandon 3:30
05 SHINE! Shine bright! 2:51
06 Twilight-stained heart 3:56
07 The one I want to know most about is me 3:07
08 Today, tomorrow and henceforth 2:58
09 Visualized future 2:24
10 Because I want to be with you forever 1:43
11 Advancing chain of anxiety 2:19
12 Something that can't be healed 1:52
13 Over 4:04
14 Purerun Happy 4:12
15 Theme of ancient leaf 3:27
16 Area of sunrise 3:29
17 Vast intention 4:18
18 Nature side 3:26
19 Magnificence 3:01
20 Ethnical culture 3:25
21 Everlasting Sky 4:16
Disc length 69:12

Translated by Gigablah


M01 - Opening Theme
Lyrics / Composition: Chiyomaru Shikura
Arrangement: Koji Ueno
Vocals: Ayane
Guitar: Koichi Katayama
Recording Studio: Studio 5pb.
Recording Engineer: Jiro Nakajima

M13 - Insert Song
Lyrics: Tomoyuki Hamada
Composition: Urara Takai
Arrangement: TARAWO
Vocals: Ayumi Takeishi
Guitar: Hironori Akiyama
Bass: Naoki Kasahara
Recording Studio: MARUNI STUDIO
Recording Engineer: Takefumi Kanaya
Assistant Engineer: Yasuaki Kishimoto

M14 - Insert Song
Lyrics: Eri
Composition: Tomoyuki Hamada
Arrangement: Yasutaka Hatade
Vocals: Ayumi Takeishi
Director: Tomoyuki Hamada
Guitar: Yasutaka Hatade
Recording Studio: ODEN STUDIO
Recording Engineer: Kosuke Nagao [長尾弘介]
Mixing Studio: T's MUSIC
Mixing Engineer: Katsumi Suyama

M21 - Ending Theme
Lyrics / Composition: Chiyomaru Shikura
Arrangement: Toshimichi Isoe
Vocals: Ayane
Guitar: Ryoji Toyoda
Bass: Syntaro Jimbo
Drum Arrange: Shigeso Sasaki
Recording Studio: MARUNI STUDIO
Recording Engineer: Takefumi Kanaya
Assistant Engineer: Yasuaki Kishimoto


Sound Produced by 5ZIZZ.

BGM Producer: Toshimichi Isoe
BGM Co-Producer: Ikuko Ebata

<BGM Composer>
M-10: Yoh Ohyama
M-3,4,6,7,8,12: Jubin
M-5: Syntaro Jimbo
M-2,9,15,16,17,18,20: Osamu Hata
M-11,19: Kaori Tsutsui (Alphonte Music, Inc.)

Flute,Clarinet: Jun Kondou M-3,4,6,12
Guitar,Bass: Syntaro Jimbo M-5
Bass: Osamu Hata M-9
Violin: Yuriko Mukoujima M-10

Mastering Studio: Memory-Tech
Mastering Engineer: Naomi Sassa (Memory-Tech)

Album Stats

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Platforms represented
Sony PlayStation 2


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