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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 03, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Vocal
PublisherRiot Games / /


Composer / Riot Games
Arranger / Dan Negovan
Performer / Christian "Praeco" Linke, Derek Sherinian, Eugene "kyugene" Kang, Gregg Bissonette, Hollywood Scoring Orchestra, Jason "chupacobbler" Willey, Kyle "anvilanche" Leary, Lisa "Saiyaka" Thorn, Oliver "RiotOtown" Chipping, Sebastien "Chemicalseb" Najand, ZP Theart
Lyricist / Riot Games
Recording Engineer / Adam Michalak, Frank Rosato
Mixing Engineer / Alex "Scherzophrenia" Temple, Christian "Praeco" Linke, Danny Lohner
Mastering Engineer / Troy Glessner
Programmer / Christian "Praeco" Linke, Dan Negovan


Disc 1

01 Lightbringer 4:56
02 Deathfire Grasp 4:00
03 Ohmwrecker 5:18
04 Last Whisper 3:38
05 The Hex Core 4:34
06 The Prophecy 0:47
07 Thornmail 3:44
08 Orb of Winter 3:32
Disc length 30:29



Adam Michalak - recording engineer on "Orb of Winter"
Alex "Scherzophrenia" Temple - mixing on "Orb Of Winter"
Christian "Praeco" Linke - guitar, mixing, programming, producer
Dan Negovan - additional programming, arrangement on "Orb Of Winter"
Danny "LADecay" Kim - drum recording producer
Danny Lohner - producer & mixing on "The Hex Core"
Derek Sherinian - keyboards, synthesizers
Eugene "kyugene" Kang - bass
Frank Rosato - drum recording engineer
Gregg Bissonette - drums
Hollywood Scoring Orchestra on "Orb Of Winter"
Jason "chupacobbler" Willey aka ProtoShredanoid - guitar
Jorn Lande - vocals on "Lightbringer" and "Thornmail"
Kyle "anvilanche" Leary - epic voice of doom on "The Prophecy"
Lisa "Saiyaka" Thorn - vocals on "Orb Of Winter"
Noah Gladstone - contractor on "Orb Of Winter"
Oliver "RiotOtown" Chipping - whispers of death on "Last Whisper"
Sebastien "Chemicalseb" Najand - djembe
ZP Theart - vocals on "Deathfire Grasp" and "Last Whisper"

All music and lyrics written by Riot Games
Engineered, produced and mixed at Riot Games in Santa Monica, CA
Mastered by Troy Glessner

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