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Little Busters! Festival Pamphlet

Catalog Number KSLC-0013
Release Date Sep 16, 2013
Publish Format Commercial, Event Only
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Talk
LabelHiBiKi Music / / , Key Sounds Label / /
PublisherVISUAL ARTS Co., Ltd. / /

Disc 1 [KSLC-0013] Arrangement, Vocal, Data

01 Rin's Secret Love Song 4:42
02 Saya's Sleepy Requiem 5:03
03 Cat, Glass and the Round Moon 4:37
04 A Way to Make Pickles Delicious 4:22
05 Mission:Love sniper 6:13
Disc length 24:57
Disc 2 Talk

01 "Little Busters! R" Branch-Off Edition 48:28
Disc length 48:28

  Total tracks 6   Total length 1:13:25


DISC 1: Music Side

Performer: Rin Natsume (CV: Tomoe Tamiyasu)
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Kenji Arai
Lyricist: Jun Maeda
Chorus: Casandra
Guitar: maya

Performer: Saya Tokido (CV: Kazane)
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: TAKUYA (jAcKp☆TrASH)
Lyricist: Jun Maeda

Performer: Sasami Sasasegawa (CV: Tomoe Tamiyasu)
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Hikarisyuyo
Lyricist: Yuto Tonokawa

Performer: Kanata Futaki (CV: Keiko Suzuki)
Composer: PMMK
Arranger: Shoyu
Lyricist: Chika Shirokiri

Performer: Rin Natsume (CV: Tomoe Tamiyasu)
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Shade
Lyricist: Jun Maeda
Guitar: 不知火正臣

DISC 2: Radio Side

Tomoe Tamiyasu (Rin Natsume)
Hikaru Midorikawa (Kyousuke Natsume)
Naomi Wakabayashi (Kudryavka Noumi)

Producer: 酒井久義 (TABLIER COMMUNICATIONS), 高橋鉄平 (HIBIKI Music)
Director, Writer: Hiroshi Osada [長田宏]
Engineer, Editing: 山嵜省吾 (TABLIER COMMUNICATIONS)
Supervisor: Key

Sold at the "KSL Live World 2013 way to the Little Busters! ~Refrain" event.

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