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MOTHER 2 Gyiyg no Gyakushuu

マザー2 ギーグの逆襲
Catalog Number STS-007 (U.S. printing of SRCL-3024)
Release Date Jan 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 40.00 USD
Media Format 2 Vinyl
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Published by Ship to Shore PhonoCo. / /
Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka / , Keiichi Suzuki / , Hiroshi Kanazu /
Arranged by Shunsuke Sakamoto / , Kimitaka Matsumae /


Disc 1

01 Prologue 1:05
02 Theme of Onett 1:20
03 Theme of Twoson 1:22
04 Theme of Saturn Valley 0:49
05 Theme of Winters 3:46
06 Theme of Threek 1:33
07 Theme of Doko Doko Desert 0:53
08 Theme of Fourside 1:47
09 Theme of Moonside 0:57
10 Theme of Ramma 1:57
11 Theme of Summers 1:02
12 Theme of Scarabi 3:05
13 Theme of Dungeon Man 1:15
14 Theme of Cursed Jungles 1:38
15 Theme of Gumi Village 0:58
16 Theme of The Under World 1:35
17 Theme of Magicant 4:43
18 Theme of The Great Under World 1:31
19 Theme of Final Battle 4:06
20 Theme of Love & Peace 2:07
21 Theme of Ending 9:31
22 Room Number (PSI MIX) 4:00
23 Hula-Hoop (PSI MIX) 3:35
24 ANOTHER 2 (PSI MIX)~and goes on 5:14
Disc length 59:49


Each 2xLP is housed in a heavyweight old style tip on jacket with an authentic Japanese OBI strip.
Vinyl Side A: Tracks 01-09 / Side B: Tracks 10-18.
Vinyl Side C: Tracks 19-21 / Side D: Tracks 22-24.

Available in 4 different colors:
1: Classic Black Vinyl.
2: "ギーグ" Red/Black Swirl.
3: "ネス" Blue/Yellow Split.
4: "どせいさん" Hot Spring Pink.

Note: This product only ships to North America and Europa.

Notes from Parent Album:
Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka (1, 7, 9, 13, 17~19, 22~24)
                     Keiichi Suzuki (2~4, 6, 8, 14, 16, 20)
                     Hiroshi Kanazu (11)
                     Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka (5)
                     Hirokazu Tanaka, Keiichi Suzuki (10, 15, 21)
                     Hirokazu Tanaka, Keiichi Suzuki, Hiroshi Kanazu (12)

Arranged by Shunsuke Sakamoto (22, 24)
                   Kimitaka Matsumae (23)

Full Tracklist (Original Japanese)            (English)

01. プロローグ                           (Prologue)
       逆襲                                    (Counterattack)
       眠ってる場合じゃない                  (This is No Time For Sleeping)
02. オネットのテーマ                     (Onett)
       冒険をはじめよう                       (Let's Start An Adventure)
03. ツーソンのテーマ                     (Twoson)
       ボーイ ミーツ ガール (BOY MEETS GIRL)     (Boy Meets Girl)
04. サターンバレーのテーマ             (Saturn Valley)
       こんにちわ                              (Hi Ho)
05. ウィンターズのテーマ                 (Winters)
       スノーマン                               (Snowman)
       ウィンターズ ホワイト                    (Winters White)
       風が吹く                                 (The Wind Blows)
       タッシー!                                 (Tessie!)
06. スリークのテーマ                      (Threek)
       いつかきっと                             (Someday Surely)
07. ドコドコ砂漠のテーマ                  (Doko Doko Desert)
       乾いたダンス (SUPER DRY DANCE)   (Super Dry Dance)
08. フォーサイドのテーマ                  (Fourside)
       摩天楼に抱かれて                       (Surrounded by Skyscrapers)
09. ムーンサイドのテーマ                 (Moonside)
       ボルヘスのカクテル                     (Borges' Cocktail)
       ムーンサイドスイング                    (Moonside Song)
10. ランマのテーマ                        (Ramma)
       東の果て                                (The Far East)
       旅人に聴かせる唄                      (The Traveller Can Hear the Song)
       ムの修行                                (The Discipline of Mu)
11. サマーズのテーマ                     (Summers)
       プライベートな風                         (A Private Wind)
12. スカラビのテーマ                      (Scarabi)
       バザール                                (Bazaar)
       カラビナ スカ (サソリの毒)             (Karabina Suka (Scorpion Poison))
       ピラミッド                                (Pyramid)
13. ダンジョン男のテーマ                 (Dungeon Man)
       メガトンウォーク                          (Megaton Walk)
       エンジョイ ザ ダンジョン                (Enjoy the Dungeon)
       黄色っぽいサブマリン                   (Like A Yellow Submarine)
14. 魔境のテーマ                         (Cursed Jungles)
       ジャングルが目をさます                  (The Jungle Opens Its Eyes)
15. グミの村のテーマ                     (Gumi Village)
       きけおまえ                               (Listen, You)
       落ちる落ちる                             (Falling, Falling)
16. 地底大陸のテーマ                    (The Under World)
       大地のラブソング                         (Love Song of the Earth)
17. マジカントのテーマ                    (Magicant)
       エイトメロディーズ (記憶の底に)         (Eight Melodies (The Depth of Memory))
       ウェルカムぼく                             (Welcome, Me)
       夢の迷路                                  (Dream Maze)
       エデンの海                                 (Sea of Eden)
       パワー                                      (Power)
18. 最低国のテーマ                         (The Great Under World)
       時空を超えろ                               (Cross Over Time and Space)
       ロボットになる                              (Become A Robot)
       スペーストンネル                           (Space Tunnel)
       THE PLACE (その場所)                 (The Place)
19. 最終戦闘のテーマ                       (Final Battle)
       イナクナリナサイ                            (Please Disappear)
20. 平和のテーマ                            (Love & Peace)
       ビコーズ・アイラブユー                      (Because I Love You)
21. エンディングのテーマ                    (Ending)
       グッドフレンズ/バッドフレンズ              (Good Friends/Bad Friends)
       スマイルズ・アンド・ティアーズ             (Smiles and Tears)
22. ルームナンバー (PSI MIX)            (Room Number)
23. フラフープ (PSI MIX)                   (Hula-Hoop)
24. ANOTHER 2 (PSI MIX) ~and goes on     (ANOTHER 2)


Sound Produced by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka (Nintendo)
Executive Producers:  Shigesato Itoi (APE), Ritsuo Kamimura (Kabaddi)
Supervisors:  Tsunekazu Ishihara, Shogo Toda (APE)
Co-ordination:  Masaya Ebana (江花雅也) (RANCH)
A & R:  Masashi Imaizumi, Yasuhiko Katsumata (勝又泰彦) (Sony Records)
Engineers:  Shunsuke Sakamoto, Kimitaka Matsumae, Yuzuru Nakayama, Kazumi Sugiura
Original Track Programming:  Hirokazu Tanaka (Nintendo)
Art Co-Ordination:  Koichi Honda (SME)
Production Co-Ordinator:  Miwa Suzuki (鈴木美和) (SME)
Title Logo Design:  Masahiro Takada (LUCKY NICE)
Figures Created by Kouichi Ooyama, Masao Tottori, Nobuyasu Makino, Sai Koubou

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