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Super Mario Bros. The 30th

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 11, 2015
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 4.00 EUR
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsShiryu Music


Arranger / Shiryu
Performer / Shiryu


Disc 1

01 1985 Bros: The Super! 4:10
02 1986 Bros: The Dream! 4:50
03 1988 Bros: The Play! 4:48
04 1989 Bros: The Land! 6:30
05 1990 Bros: The World! 10:24
06 1992 Bros: The Coins! 6:19
07 1995 Bros: The Baby! 8:40
08 1996 Bros: The 64 3D! 8:04
09 2002 Bros: The Sunshine! 4:39
10 2006 Bros: The New! 6:44
11 2007 Bros: The Galaxy! 7:01
12 2013 Bros: The Wii U Chiptune! 1:58
Disc length 74:07



"When "Super Mario Bros" was released for the Famicom back in 1985, like most European kids I was messing around with the brand new ZX Spectrum 48k. I was oblivious to Nintendo until a fated day I stumbled upon a "Donkey Kong" arcade machine where you played Jumpman and try to save Pauline from Donkey Kong. Such a hard but incredibly addicting game. It was the product of the imagination of Shigeru Miyamoto who would later call Jumpman Mario and introduced his leaner brother Luigi, thus becoming the Super Mario Bros! By the time the NES arrived in my country, I was far too entertained on my Commodore Amiga 500 to take notice and as such "Super Mario Land" would go to become the very first game I played in the Super Mario Bros series. As such, that game along with Hip Tanaka's awesome soundtrack will always be special, but the game that truly turned into a big Nintendo fan was Super Nintendo's "Super Mario World", a game that like most in the series is simply timeless, providing hours of pure joy even nowadays. Today is the European release date of "Super Mario Maker" for Wii U, effectively Nintendo's Super Mario Bros level creation tool which I foresee will become incredibly popular in the coming months with people both making and trying to beat user created levels. This is Nintendo's way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series and the album you have just downloaded is my way, a twelve track vintage electronic reinterpretation of some of the most iconic themes from twelve games of the series, mostly the iconic composition of Koji Kondo. I only wished Satoru Iwata would be alive today so he could see how everyone is celebrating in their own way the 30 years of the Super Mario Brothers, (probably) the worst plumbers in the world but still the finest hero brothers in video game land. Hope you enjoy and that these bring you some awesome memories!" - Shiryu

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