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Attack on Titan

Catalog Number M2-36748 (U.S. printing of DDCB-12966) [Extra Credits]
Barcode 731383674822
Release Date Oct 23, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.98 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Milan Records / / (Label), ADA / / (Distributor)
Composer / Shiro SAGISU /
Arranger / Shiro SAGISU / , Masamichi Amano / , CHOKKAKU, Koji Ueno / , Teiho
Performer / The London Studio Orchestra (Perry Montague-Mason, Emlyn Singleton, Peter Lale, David Daniels, Chris Laurence, Eliza Marshall, Anna Noakes, Chris Cowie, Jon Carnac, Dave Fuest, Richard Skinner, Laurence Davies, Nigel Black, Simon Rayner, Philip Eastop, John Barclay, Tom Rees-Roberts, Jason Evans, Richard Edwards, Mark Nightingale, Andy Wood, Owen Slade, Stephen Henderson, Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel, Skaila Kanga), Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra (Ewa Marczyk), Catherine Bott, Deborah Miles-Johnson, Andrew Busher, Michael George, Junko Miyagi / , Shiro SAGISU / , CHOKKAKU, Steve Homes, Robert A White
Lyricist / Mike Wyzgowski
Conductor / Masamichi Amano / , Nick Ingman
Assistant / Sho Amano


Disc 1

01 Le Soleil d'Or 1:55
02 War Song 3:20
03 Masterplan, Metalopera 5:21
04 God have Mercy 4:17
05 Rise up, Rhythmetal 5:09
06 The Original Sin 2:06
07 Boule de cristal, piano 2:56
08 For the dead 3:40
09 Die die die die!! 3:39
10 Temper the wind 4:14
11 Orchestre, lent 3:57
12 Deuxième ouverture 3:49
13 Rise up 4:05
14 War, politics and power 5:17
15 Attack of Titans 2:38
16 Orchestre, géant à l'est 5:25
17 ATM, Rhythmetal 4:36
18 Orchestre, apogée 5:54
19 Golden Sun 5:06
20 Boule de cristal, epilogue d'orchestre 2:25
Disc length 79:49


Composed, Arranged and Produced by Shiro SAGISU
The London Studio Orchestra
Leader: Perry Montague-Mason

Violin (1st Principal): Perry Montague-Mason, Violin (2nd Principal): Emlyn Singleton, Viola (Principal): Peter Lale,
Cello (Principal): David Daniels, Contrabass (Principal): Chris Laurence, Flute/Piccolo: Eliza Marshall, Anna Noakes,
Oboe/Cor Anglais: Chris Cowie, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Jon Carnac, Dave Fuest, Bassoon/Contrabassoon: Richard Skinner,
French Horn: Laurence Davies, Nigel Black, Simon Rayner, Philip Eastop, Trumpet: John Barclay, Tom Rees-Roberts,
Jason Evans, Trombone: Richard Edwards, Mark Nightingale, Bass Trombone: Andy Wood, Tuba: Owen Slade,
Timpani: Stephen Henderson, Percussion: Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel, Harp: Skaila Kanga

Conductor: Nick Ingman
Orchestra contractor: Lucy Whalley and Isobel Griffiths

Our Special Choir
Soporano: Catherine Bott, Mezzo-soprano, alto: Deborah Miles-Johnson, Tenor: Andrew Busher, Bass: Michael George

Choir arrangement: Shiro SAGISU
Choir lyrics: Mike Wyzgowski

Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra
Concertmaster: Ewa Marczyk
Conductor: Masamichi Amano

Arrangers: Masamichi Amano, Koji Ueno, Teiho, CHOKKAKU and Shiro SAGISU
All synthesizers and rhythm programming: CHOKKAKU and Shiro SAGISU
Keyboards and Piano: Junko Miyagi and Shiro SAGISU
Guitars and Bass: CHOKKAKU and Steve Homes
Traditional Flutes solos: Robert A White

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