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Songs in the Key of Meat: Music from SMB 5th Anniversary

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 06, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherRidiculon / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Ridiculon
Performer / Ridiculon (Matthias Bossi, Jon Evans)

Disc 1

01 Bologna Pogna (Title Intro) 1:23
02 Coming to a Deli Near You (Title Screen) 1:27
03 GristleToe (Forest Menu Light/Dark) 2:09
04 Jam Banjovi (Forest Light) 3:47
05 Dark Meat (Forest Dark) 3:54
06 Throw Another Banjo on the Fire (Forest Boss) 3:44
07 Meat Rainbow - Get on the Dancefloor (Forest Retro) 1:54
08 Hellway to Hell (Hell Menu Light/Dark) 1:40
09 Secret Santana (Hell Light) 4:08
10 Hell Toupé (Hell Dark) 3:42
11 Fasten Your Meatbelts (Hell Boss) 3:47
12 Mintz Meat (Hell Retro) 2:03
13 Meat You in Hell (Rapture Menu Light/Dark) 2:06
14 Steak Thru the Heart (Rapture Light) 4:36
15 Dream Meater (Rapture Dark) 4:03
16 Meat Yer Maker (Rapture Boss) 3:41
17 Meat Me in Compton (Rapture Retro) 2:19
18 Leather Glove - Well Done (End Menu Light/Dark) 2:09
19 Meat Continuum (End Light) 4:08
20 Ashes to Ashes (End Dark) 3:26
21 Meatal Acropolis (End Boss) 3:31
22 Throw Another Barbie on the Fire (End Retro) 1:58
23 Track Meat (Dark World Escape) 2:33
24 This Is Not a Party (Game Boy Intro) 0:05
25 Meat the Meatles (Retro Intro) 0:06
26 Glitch 1 0:05
27 Glitch 2 0:05
Disc length 68:29



Original soundtrack of the PS4 & PS Vita version of the game Super Meat Boy.

Became available to pre-order on Sep 29, 2015.

Notes from Bandcamp page:

"More instruments than usual were harmed in the making of this. More genres were insulted and glorified. As always, those who want to pay a little extra will get something special delivered to them! This time around it's $4.44 (exactly) to get that special something. WORTH IT! Inspired by the "adaptive layering" concept of the Isaac Rebirth OST, we toyed around with de-layering stuff for this soundtrack. Subtle and fun aural trickery awaits those who listen carefully. Warning: Rife with meat puns. Worse than average meat puns. These are the worst titles for the best songs you could ever imagine. Yours in metal 4 Evah, Matthias and Jon."

Matthias Bossi: Drums, Not Drums, Keys, Cleaver, Stomps, Smashing
Jon Evans: Bass, Guitar, Haunted Seagull, Knobs, Spacial Recognition

The bonus track received after purchasing the album for $4.44 USD is titled "Street Meat.mp3" in the email. It is alternately referred to as "SMB BONU$", in the same style as bonus tracks from other albums by Ridiculon. It has a length of 2:14 and is only available in MP3 @ 320 kbps, 48000 Hz.

Album Stats

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Super Meat Boy
Platforms represented
Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation Vita

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