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MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed

Catalog Number MCOL-0001
Release Date Oct 09, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.00 USD
Media Format 5 Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
Published by Materia Collective / /
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu /
Arranged by Dale North, Ro Panuganti, James C. Hoffman, posu yan, Fredrik Häthén, Patti Rudisill, Kevin Won, Kyle Landry, Wilbert Roget II, Stephen Robert Froeber, Jeff Ball, Jordan Chin, Matt Beane, Rich Douglas, Melancholy Robot, Emmanuel Lagumbay, John Robert Matz, Sean Schafianski, Jaron Widman, Ben Wallace, Hernán Marandino, AnalogStik, Francisco Cerda, Jose Daniel Ruiz, Tim Kuehlhorn, Tiago Rodrigues, Jacob Pernell, Diwa de Leon, Ruby Toung, May Claire La Plante, David Neale, Laura Platt, David Peacock, Nathan Madsen, Joanna Lee, Damian Nguyen, Josh Whelchel, Joanne Moo, Matthew Chastney, Songe, Emily McMillan, Anne Strader, James Campbell, bLiNd, Sebastian Wolff, Ian Martyn, Smooth McGroove, Doug Perry, Leslie-Anne Snipes, Jon Bash, Catboss, Josh Barron, Super Piano Brothers, Creature, Garrett Steele, Jonathan Parecki, Mike Pagnani, Spencer Bambrick, Lauren Liebowitz, Robin Lindberg, PirateCrab, Bonnie Bogovich, Ben Cohn, FFmusic Dj, Chad Schwartz, Ferdk, Felipe Salinas, Moisés Nieto, Geoffrey Taucer, ToxicxEternity, PokérusVGM, Tetrimino, Rozen
Performed by Dale North, Ro Panuganti, posu yan, Fredrik Häthén, Stephen Robert Froeber, Sean Schafianski, Doug Perry, Patti Rudisill, Paula Bressman, Michael O'Gieblyn, Maria Di Meglio, Amy Helman, Kristin Naigus, ETHEReal String Orchestra (Andrew Steffen, Andrew Stern), Martino Vacca, Joaquim Badia Arumi, Kyle Landry, Wilbert Roget II, Brandon Bush, Chuck Simpson, Bonnie Bogovich, Nathan Madsen, Matthew K. Mukerjee, Marc Papeghin, Cris Gale, Charles Fastiggi-Ayala, Jordan Chin, Jeff Ball, Michael Evans, Ian Harshman, Rich Douglas, Lordsburg Brothers, David Vorobyov, Ernie Reyes, Timothy May, Zachary Green, John Robert Matz, Michaela Nachtigall, Joel Everett, Nuri Tett, Felipe Salinas, Dutcher Snedeker, Charles Ritz, David Peacock, Leitbur (Jaron Widman, Samantha Krzyston), Ben Wallace, Laura Intravia, Matheus Sardinha Garcia Souza, Sam Suggs, Francisco Cerda, Jose Daniel Ruiz, Jill Cassaboom, Jon Alvarez, Maxwell Gibbard, Jacob Pernell, String Player Gamer, LadyGameLyric, Michelle Heafy, Tera Catallo, May Claire La Plante, Ruby Toung, Dan Pinkham, Ann Zeng, Chris Trevino, Liz Rishel, Luci Holland, Tim Rosko, Ian Martyn, Jonathan Balcewicz, Lauren Liebowitz, Younes Elbayad / , Ashley Watts, David Neale, Peggy Neale, Ted Conti, Laura Platt, Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, Joanne Moo, Joanna Lee, Andrew Furmanczyk, Damian Nguyen, Dan Byrne-McCullough, Videri String Quartet (Ryan Shannon, Lizzie Jones, Roselie Samter, Jeremiah Barcus), Matthew Chastney, Richard Curran, Songe, Emily McMillan, Moisés Nieto, Joe Chen, Masha LePire, Sebastian Wolff, Smooth McGroove, Jon Bash, Elie Hartman, Super Piano Brothers (Hexin Qiao, Oskar Yao, Wesley Chu), Jonathan Parecki, Creature (Danny Aber, Jon Alvarez, Jon Faifer, Sean Fitzpatrick), Drunken Saucer, Garrett Steele, Jon LaRosa, Daniel Ngo, Mike Pagnani, Spencer Bambrick, Juja, Jason Savory, PirateCrab, The Bwak Choir, Jesse Buddington, Sean Lenhart, Nathaniel Chambers, Minyu, Andrea Kasper, Brian Bodley, Ning Hsu, Triforce Quartet (Chad Schwartz, Chris Ferrara, Jacob Roege, Stanley Beckwith), Ferdk, Vladan Danilo Mihovilovich, Geoffrey Taucer, Joshua Taipale, ToxicxEternity, Voxine Choir, PokérusVGM, Tetrimino (Kristopher Salada, Matt Mukerjee, Michaela Nachtigall, Mitchell Cairns)
Lyrics by Jaron Widman, Lauren Liebowitz, Kazushige Nojima /


Disc 1

01 Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII 3:40
02 Opening - Bombing Mission 3:44
03 The Highwind Takes to the Skies 3:39
04 carom cats 2:02
05 Keep Kalm and Carry On 4:51
06 Reunion 2:50
07 Forested Temple 2:06
08 Aerith's Theme 4:44
09 Cocktail de Chocobo 3:31
10 Costa Del "Soul Rokku" 3:05
11 Where's Yuffie? 2:17
12 Dear to the Heart 3:31
13 Underneath the Rotting Pizza 3:27
14 Searching for the Man in Black 4:57
15 Let the Battles Begin! 2:44
16 Cinco de Chocoshop 2:20
17 It's Hard to Concerto on Both Feet! 4:28
18 Judgement Funkadelic 3:25
19 Not Just Another Girl 3:27
Disc length 64:48
Disc 2

01 Reichwind Takes to the Club 4:29
02 The Oppressed 3:48
03 Hurry! 4:10
04 Let the Battles Begin (80's Remix) 3:41
05 Power 3:49
06 Barroco de Chocobo 1:21
07 Jenova Computer 2:34
08 Kickin' It Up a Notch 3:25
09 Fight On! 4:38
10 One-Winged Angel 5:06
11 Intermezzo in D-Flat Major for Cello and Piano 5:13
12 Life Stream (Choral) 3:48
13 (Fear Is) Lurking in the Darkness 3:56
14 A Minor Chocobo Incident 2:42
15 The Shinra Mansion 4:30
16 You Can Hear the Cries of the Gymnopedies 3:14
17 Tifa's Theme 4:40
Disc length 65:04
Disc 3

01 On That Day 5 Years Ago 3:18
02 CETRA の GAIA 4:13
03 Le Cauchemar Commence 3:31
04 Buried In Snow 3:01
05 Dear to the Heart 3:15
06 Mining Town 5:32
07 Hearts 5:52
08 Of Cosmos and Seto 4:59
09 Interrupted by Fireworks 4:18
10 Dystopian Oasis 3:09
11 bl∞m 4:37
12 Mark of the Beats 3:38
13 Let the Battles Begin! 2:21
14 i Lár an Aistir 3:58
15 One-Winged Angel (A Cappella) 7:05
16 The Essence of Aeris 0:29
17 Continue... 4:00
Disc length 67:16
Disc 4

01 Under the Rotting Shinra 4:18
02 Mako Reactor 4:10
03 Attack of the Weapon 3:17
04 Holding My Feelings in My Heart 3:24
05 Carcerem Corel 3:07
06 Inner Turmoil 3:49
07 Let The Battles Begin! 3:30
08 Highwind Shambles to the Skies 4:00
09 Birth of a God 4:21
10 Gysahl Grass 2:21
11 Hope Blooms in Darkness 3:34
12 Feel the Edge of That Spear 2:57
13 Holding Hands 5:31
14 The Prelude 2:33
15 Waltz de Chocobo 1:33
16 J-E-N-O-V-A 2:53
17 Honey Bee Inn (Future カワイイ mix) 3:35
18 Hurry! But Be Cool 4:22
Disc length 63:15
Disc 5

01 Opening - Bombing Mission 3:50
02 Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII 5:02
03 Cid's Theme 3:27
04 Cosmo Cordillera 3:36
05 Provincial Town 4:05
06 A God's Power 4:22
07 Farm Boy 2:29
08 Heart Locket 3:47
09 Sky High Lullaby 3:52
10 The Sword is Mightier 2:33
11 Those who Fight (Metal Remix) 2:49
12 One-Winged Angel (Molto Allegro Drammatico) 4:28
13 A 9999 Hit! 2:47
14 Tifa Funk 3:55
15 The Prelude 3:42
16 Dear to the Heart 2:18
Disc length 57:02

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"Materia Collective is pleased to present MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed, a massive five-disc remix project celebrating the announcement of Square Enix's highly-anticipated remake of one of the most beloved role-playing games of all time, Final Fantasy VII. Following in the spirit of other community remix projects such as those from OverClocked ReMix, Zelda Reorchestrated, and others, Materia Collective has gathered nearly 200 musicians from around the globe, including renowned remixers, performers, YouTube personalities, and composers working in the videogame industry to pay tribute to Nobuo Uematsu's timeless soundtrack."

MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed was made possible by the following individuals:

Ann Zeng: Visual Artist (booklet)
Anna DeChant: Special Thanks
Emma Häthén: Visual Artist (booklet)
Jacob Pernell: Co-producer
Jayson Napolitano: Press
Jordan Chin: Special Thanks
Josh Whelchel: Special Thanks
Lauren Chin: Visual Artist (booklet)
Matt Forman: Co-producer
Sebastian Wolff: Producer, Creative Director
Stephen Meyerink: Special Thanks
Val Choung: Album Art & Design

[DISC 1]

Dale North: Producer, Arranger, Vocalist, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

2 Opening - Bombing Mission
Ro Panuganti: Producer, Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer

3 The Highwind Takes to the Skies
James C. Hoffman: Producer, Arranger

4 carom cats
Posu Yan: Producer, Arranger, Piano

5 Keep Kalm and Carry On
Fredrik Häthén: Producer, Arranger, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Doug Perry: Vibraphone, Congas
Sean Schafianski: Flute
Stephen Robert Froeber: Guitar

6 Reunion
Patti Rudisill: Producer, Violin, Arranger
Amy Helman: Strings
Kristin Naigus: Flute, Oboe, English Horn
Maria Di Meglio: Strings
Michael O'Gieblyn: Strings
Paula Bressman: Harp

7 Forested Temple
Kevin Won: Producer, Arranger
Andrew Steffen: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Bass
Andrew Stern: Cello
ETHEReal String Orchestra: Strings
Joaquim Badia Arumi: Piano
Martino Vacca: Flute, Mixing Engineer
Michael Schiciano: Mastering Engineer

8 Aerith's Theme
Kyle Landry: Producer, Arranger, Piano

9 Cocktail de Chocobo
Wilbert Roget, II: Producer, Arranger, Accordion, Flute, Keyboards
Brandon "Harmony" Bush: Vocals
Chuck "Finbeard" Simpson: Drums
Doug Perry: Vibraphone

10 Costa Del "Soul Rokku"
Stephen Robert Froeber: Producer, Arranger
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals
Bryce Zabric: Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Charles Fastiggi-Ayala: Violin
Cris Gale: Ocarina
Doug Perry: Drums, Vibraphone
Jordan Chin: Guitars
Matt Mukerjee: Bass
Nathan Madsen: Piano, Sax
Wilbert Roget II: Flute

11 Where's Yuffie?
Jeff Ball: Producer, Arranger, Violin

12 Dear to the Heart
Jordan Chin: Producer, Synths, Percussion, Guitars, Arranger
Ian Harshman: Clarinet
Michael Evans: Cello
Patti Rudisill: Violin
Rich Douglas: Mastering

13 Underneath the Rotting Pizza
Matt Beane: Producer, Arranger

14 Searching for the Man in Black
Rich Douglas: Producer, Arranger

15 Let the Battles Begin!
Melancholy Robot: Producer, Arranger

16 Cinco de Chocoshop
Emmanuel Lagumbay: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
David Vorobyov: Vocals (Bass)
Ernie Reyes: Vocals (Baritone)
Lordsburg Brothers: Performer
Timothy May: Vocals (Tenor)
Zachary Green: Vocals (Lead)

17 It's Hard to Concerto on Both Feet!
John Robert Matz: Producer, Arranger, Trumpet
Michaela Nachtigall: Violin
Joel Everett: Mallet Percussion

18 Judgement-Funkadelic
Sean Schafianski: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Charles Ritz: Keyboards
David Peacock: Strings
Doug Perry: Percussion
Dutcher Snedeker: Keyboards
Felipe Salinas: Guitar
Fredrik Häthén: Alto Saxophone
Marc Papeghin: Drum Set
Nuri Tett: Bass
Rich Douglas: Mastering Engineer

19 Not Just Another Girl
Leitbur: Performer
Jaron Widman: Lyricist, Producer, Performer
Samantha Krzyston: Performer

[DISC 2]

1 Reichwind Takes to the Club
Ben Wallace: Producer, Arranger, Piano
Doug Perry: Vibes, Marimba, Drumset, Engineering
Laura Intravia: Flutes
Matheus Souza: Violins
Michael Schiciano: Mastering Engineer
Mitchell Cairns: Mixing Engineer
Sam Suggs: Bass

2 The Oppressed
Hernán Marandino: Producer, Arranger

3 Hurry!
AnalogStik: Producer, Arranger
James Hoffman: Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

4 Let the Battles Begin (80's Remix)
Francisco Cerda: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Guitars
Mitchell Cairns: Mastering Engineer

5 Power
Leitbur: Performer
Jaron Widman: Lyricist, Producer, Performer
Samantha Krzyston: Performer

6 Barroco de Chocobo
Jose Daniel Ruiz: Producer, Arranger, Performer
Jill Cassaboom: Harpsichord
Jon Alvarez: Double Bass
Maxwell Gibbard: Viola

7 Jenova Computer
Tim Kuehlhorn: Producer, Arranger

8 Kickin' It Up a Notch
Tiago Rodrigues: Producer, Arranger

9 Fight On!
Jacob Pernell: Producer, Arranger, Synths, Mixing Engineer
Jordan Chin: Arranger, Guitars, Drum programming

10 One-Winged Angel
String Player Gamer: Performer
Diwa de Leon: Arranger, Producer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Guitars, Male Vocals, Synths, Violins
LadyGameLyric: Vocals (Soprano/Alto)
May Claire La Plante: Vocals (Soprano/Alto)
Michelle Heafy: Vocals (Soprano/Alto)
Tera Catallo: Vocals (Soprano/Alto)

11 Intermezzo in D-Flat Major for Cello and Piano
Dan Pinkham: Performer, Arranger
Ruby Toung: Piano

12 Life Stream
Jose Daniel Ruiz: Producer, Vocals
May Claire La Plante: Producer, Arranger, Soprano (Soloist), Vocals
Ann Zeng: Vocals
Ashley Lynn Watts: Vocals
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals
Chris Trevino: Vocals
Doug Perry: Vocals
Ian Martyn: Vocals
Jill Cassaboom: Vocals
John Robert Matz: Vocals
Jonathan Balcewicz: Vocals
Laura Intravia: Vocals
Lauren "The Flute" Liebowitz: Vocals
Liz Rishel: Vocals
Luci Holland: Vocals
Tim Rosko: Vocals
Younes Elbayad: Vocals

13 (Fear Is) Lurking in the Darkness
David Neale: Producer, Arranger, Guitars, Bass, Trumpets
Peggy Neale: Whispers
Ted Conti: Narration (Rufus's speech)

14 A Minor Chocobo Incident
Laura Platt: Producer, Arranger, Piano

15 The Shinra Mansion
David Peacock: Producer, Arranger
Augustine Mayuga Gonzales: Piano

16 You Can Hear the Cries of the Gymnopedies
Nathan Madsen: Producer, Vocals, Arranger
David Neale: Guitar
Doug Perry: Vibraphone
Joanne Moo: Harp
Lauren Liebowitz: Vocals

17 Tifa's Theme
Andrew Furmanczyk: Piano
David Russell: Mixing Engineer
Joanna Lee: Viola

[DISC 3]

1 On That Day 5 Years Ago
Damian Nguyen: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Performer
Michael Schiciano: Mastering Engineer

Dan Byrne-McCullough: Guitar
Josh Whelchel: Producer, Arranger
Kristin Naigus: Oboe, Flute, Piccolo, Bansuri, English Horn

3 Le Cauchemar Commence
May Claire La Plante: Arranger, Producer, Harp, Vocals

4 Buried In Snow
Videri String Quartet: Performer
David Peacock: Arranger
Jeremiah Barcus: Cello
Lizzie Jones: Violin
Marley Magner: Mixing Engineer
Roselie Samter: Viola
Ryan Shannon: Violin
Steve Goldshein: Recording Engineer

5 Dear to the Heart
Joanne Moo: Producer, Piano, Harp, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Kristin Naigus: Flute, Oboe

6 Mining Town
David Peacock: Producer, Arranger
Augustine Mayuga Gonzales: Piano

7 Hearts
Matthew Chastney: Producer, Arranger, Guitars, Piano, Mixing
Dave Shumway: Mastering Engineer
Richard Curran: Violin, Viola, Cello

8 Of Cosmos and Seto
Songe: Producer, Arranger, Performer

9 Interrupted by Fireworks
Emily McMillan: Producer, Mixing Engineer, Arranger, Additional Piano
David Russell: Mixing Engineer
Joe Chen: Viola
Kristin Naigus: Oboe
Masha LePire: Guitar, Mandolin
Moisés Nieto: Piano

10 Dystopian Oasis
Anne Strader: Producer, Arranger

11 bl∞m
James Campbell: Producer, Arranger

12 Mark of the Beats
bLiNd: Producer, Arranger

13 Let the Battles Begin!
Sebastian Wolff: Producer, Arranger, Piano

14 i Lár an Aistir
Ian Martyn: Producer, Concertina, Whistle, Bouzouki, Guitar, Bodhrán, Bones, Arranger
Michael Schiciano: Mastering Engineer

15 One Winged Angel (A Cappella)
Smooth McGroove: Producer, Arranger, Vocals

16 The Essence of Aeris
Doug Perry: Producer, Arranger, Vocals

17 Continue...
Leslie-Anne Snipes: Producer, Arranger

[DISC 4]

1 Under the Rotting Shinra
bLiNd: Producer, Arranger

2 Mako Reactor
Jon Bash : Producer, Arranger, Piano, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals, Recorder, Arranger, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Elie Hartman: Clarinet

3 Attack of the Weapon
Catboss: Producer, Arranger

4 Holding My Feelings in My Heart
Josh Barron: Producer, Arranger
ETHEReal String Orchestra: Strings

5 Carcerem Corel
Super Piano Brothers: Performer
Hexin Qiao: Piano
Oskar Yao: Piano
Wesley Chu: Piano

6 Inner Turmoil
Fredrik Häthén: Producer, Arranger
Doug Perry: Drums
Jonathan Parecki: Guitar
Sean Schafianski: Flute

7 Let The Battles Begin!
Creature: Performer
Danny Aber: Color Guitar
Jon Alvarez: Lead Bass
Jon Faifer: Sub Bass
Sean Fitzpatrick: Pianobot

8 Highwind Shambles to the Skies
Garrett Steele: Producer, Arranger, Whistling, Kazoos, Bassoon reed
Don DiNicola: Mixing Engineer
Doug Perry: Marimba, Stylophone
Drunken Saucer: Performer
Jon LaRosa: Trumpet, Trumpet Mouthpiece, Bass
Michaela Nachtigall: Otamatone Deluxe
Sean Schafianski: Melodica

9 Birth of a God
Joanna Lee: Viola
Daniel Ngo: Synths
Jonathan Parecki: Arranger, Guitars, Bass, Programming, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

10 Gysahl Grass
Spencer Bambrick: Producer, Arranger, Bass, Percussion
Mike Pagnani: Arranger, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar

11 Hope Blooms in Darkness
Lauren Liebowitz: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Lyrics, Vocals (Female), Flute
Doug Perry: Vocals (Male)
Jason Savory: Acoustic Guitar
Juja: Bass
Michael Schiciano: Mastering Engineer
Stephen Robert Froeber: Drums, Electric guitars

12 Feel the Edge of That Spear
Robin Lindberg: Producer, Arranger

13 Holding Hands
Doug Perry: Producer, Arranger

14 The Prelude
PirateCrab: Producer, Arranger

15 Waltz de Chocobo
Bonnie Bogovich: Producer, Arranger, Soloist (Bwaks)
Chris Trevino: Bwaks
Jesse Buddington: Bwaks
Liz Rishel: Soloist (Bwaks)
Nathaniel Chambers: Mixing Engineer, Bwaks
Sean Lenhart: Bwaks
The Bwak Choir: Performer
Tim Rosko: Bwaks

16 J-E-N-O-V-A
Ben Cohn: Producer, Arranger

17 Honey Bee Inn (feat. Minyu) [Future カワイイ mix]
FFmusic Dj: Producer, Arranger, Mastering Engineer
Minyu: Vocals
Lyrics (Suteki da ne): Kazushige Nojima

18 Hurry! But Be Cool
David Neale: Producer, Arranger, Guitars, Bass, Trumpets
Andrea Kasper: Recorded Train Announcements
Brian Bodley: Persussion
Nathan Madsen: Tenor Saxophone

[DISC 5]

1 Opening - Bombing Mission (piano and string quartet)
Ruby Toung: Producer, Arranger, Piano
Dan Pinkham: Cello
Joe Chen: Viola
Michael Schiciano: Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Ning Hsu: Violin 1, Violin 2

Triforce Quartet: Performer
Chad Schwartz: Cello, Arranger
Chris Ferrara: Violin 1
Jacob Roege: Violin 2
Michael Schiciano: Mastering Engineer
Sho Omagari: Mixing Engineer
Stanley Beckwith: Viola

3 Cid's Theme
Ferdk: Producer, Arranger, Guitars

4 Cosmo Cordillera
Felipe Salinas: Producer, Rainstick, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Doug Perry: Percussion
Joe Chen: Viola
Matheus Sardinha Garcia Souza: Violins
Michael Evans: Cello
Vladan Danilo Mihovilovich: Quena and Charango

5 Provincial Town
Catboss: Producer, Arranger

6 A God's Power
PirateCrab: Producer, Arranger

7 Farm Boy
Moisés Nieto: Producer, Arranger, Piano

8 Heart Locket
Jeff Ball: Producer, Arranger, Violin, Viola
Kristin Naigus: Oboe, English Horn

9 Sky High Lullaby
FFmusic Dj: Producer, Arranger, Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Geoffrey Taucer: Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Piano, Irish Whistle

10 The Sword is Mightier
Joshua Taipale: Producer, Arranger, Guitars, Programming, Mixing Engineer

11 Those who Fight (Metal Remix)
ToxicxEternity: Producer, Arranger, Performer

12 One Winged Angel (Molto Allegro Drammatico)
Voxine Choir: Performer
Amal Zaki: Vocals
Baghdad El Ahmar: Vocals
Brahim Eloidii: Vocals
Hind Berrouho: Vocals
Hind Kandi: Vocals
Imane Benyoussef: Vocals
Imane Maarak: Vocals
Khawla Kachouane: Vocals
Mehdi Maarak: Vocals
Wassim Kamal Aqejjaj: Vocals
Yassin Ouagari: Vocals
Younes Elbayad: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer, Vocals
Zakaria Hmaiti: Vocals
Zouhair Xeno Judgement: Vocals

13 A 9999 Hit!
PokérusVGM: Producer, Arranger, Performer

14 Tifa Funk
Tetrimino: Performer
Kristopher Salada: Piano
Matt Mukerjee: Bass, Mixing Engineer
Michaela Nachtigall: Violin
Mitchell Cairns: Drums

15 The Prelude
Rich Douglas: Producer, Arranger, Performer
Laura Intravia: Vocals (Soprano)

16 Dear to the Heart
Rozen: Producer, Arranger