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Memorial Song Music Collection

Memorial Song Ongakushuu
Catalog Number HIDFC-2006~7
Release Date Oct 20, 2002
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4000 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack


Disc 1 [HIDFC-2006]

01 Memorial Song
02 Always You -ヒトミをとじれば-
03 We are
04 Pearl Sky
05 One self
06 聖母
07 Eternal Season
08 Memorial Song (カラオケ)
09 Always You -ヒトミをとじれば- (カラオケ)
10 We are (カラオケ)
11 Pearl Sky (カラオケ)
12 One self (カラオケ)
13 聖母 (カラオケ)
14 Eternal Season (カラオケ)
Disc 2 [HIDFC-2007]

01 My Dear
02 Good Morning
03 Daily Happenings
04 My Own Way
05 Lovely Smile
06 We are(Friends or Not Ver.)
07 Pearl Sky(In Her Eyes Ver.)
08 Sweet Little Thing
09 In The Clouds
10 Fine na Feelin'
11 Breezy Day
12 You and I
13 Blue Sky
14 Get Away!
15 黄昏
16 What Shall I Do?
17 Can't Help It
18 叶わない想い
19 How Come・・・
20 It's High Time!!
21 Fly into a Rage
22 In My Youth
23 Shocking Blue
24 不思議な夢
25 遠くで見つめて
26 Memorial Song(Orchestra Ver.)
27 Memorial Song(Orgel Ver.)



"Memorial Song"
Vocal: Mayumi Iizuka
Lyrics: Masami Okui
Compose: Masami Okui
Arrange: Shuji Tashiro

"Always You -ヒトミをとじれば-"
Vocal: Mayumi Iizuka
Lyrics: Kaoru Ito
Compose: Kaoru Ito
Arrange: Kunio Kubota

"We are"
Vocal: Kaoru Sasajima
Lyrics: Masami Okui
Compose: Mamoru@
Arrange: Kunio Kubota

"Pearl Sky"
Vocal: Urarako Suzuki
Lyrics: Yukiko Mitsui
Compose: Hiroshi Egawa
Arrange: Kunio Kubota

"One self"
Vocal: Ai Tokunaga
Lyrics: Masami Okui
Compose: Masami Okui
Arrange: Shuji Tashiro

Vocal: Yuko Takahashi
Lyrics: Masami Okui
Compose: Masami Okui
Arrange: Shuji Tashiro

"Eternal Season"
Vocal: Hiroko Takahashi
Lyrics: Yukiko Mitsui
Compose: Kenichi Koyano
Arrange: Kenichi Koyano

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