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Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania

Catalog Number OCRI-0006
Release Date Oct 31, 2015
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Disc 1

01 Prolapse (Prologue) 0:53
02 Flames of Passion (Heart of Fire) 2:55
03 Swamp Ripples (Stalker) 7:07
04 Enough Time to Dance (Out of Time) 3:54
05 Heartbeat Shift (Medley) 3:34
06 Wild Night (Stalker) 3:27
07 Vampire's Kiss (Vampire Killer) 5:06
08 What a Horrible Night... (Black Night) 3:08
09 The Gate of Nightmares (Medley) 11:24
Disc length 41:28
Disc 2

01 Underworld Pulse (Underground) 3:02
02 Of Whips and Strings (Medley) 6:01
03 At the Gates (Prologue) 0:45
04 Ballad of Gears (Out of Time) 5:29
05 Heartburn to Death (Heart of Fire) 3:19
06 Children of the Wicked (Wicked Child) 3:29
07 Edge of Darkness (Walking on the Edge) 4:32
08 Veneficus Mens Mentis - Variations on a Theme of Simon (Poison Mind, Simon Belmont's Theme) 5:24
09 'And Now, the Finale' (Nothing to Lose) 3:51
10 Path of the Voyager (Voyager) 3:31
Disc length 39:23

  Total tracks 19   Total length 1:20:51


Re-issue of with new artwork.

Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania
Album freely available at

It is with an immense pleasure and honour that I am able to present to you Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania.

Vampire Variations was created to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Konami's landmark series, Castlevania. Twenty musicians to arrange the mythic soundtrack of the original NES game that started it all. Andrew Warwick as visual artist to recreate the unique atmosphere of the demon's lair known as Castlevania. A wide variety of musical genres going from rock and orchestral to jazz and electronic music, including various references to other titles from the series.

It has been a true honour and a privilege to create, direct, and contribute to a such project. I would like to thank everyone who supported this venture, and to all people involved be they musician or visual artist.

Now, be prepared for an Aria of Sorrow, a desperate Rondo of Blood to this Symphony of the Night! The Lord of Shadows rises from his grave and only one man can stop him...
...What a horrible night to have a curse!

-Alexandre Mourey


01. Stemage feat. Chris Dlugosz - "Prolapse"
Source: "Prologue (Start BGM)"

02. The Dual Dragons - "Flames of Passion"
Source: "Heart of Fire (Dracula's Castle Main Building BGM)"

03. Viking Guitar - "Swamp Ripples"
Source: "Stalker (Tower BGM)"

04. Magellanic - "Enough Time to Dance"
Source: "Out of Time (Clock Tower BGM)"

05. Dj Mokram - "Heartbeat Shift"
Sources: "The Silence of the Daylight (Town Stage BGM)" - Castlevania II, "Heart of Fire (Dracula's Castle Main Building BGM)," "Ecclesia" - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, "An Empty Tome" (I) - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

06. Guifrog - "Wild Night"
Source: "Stalker (Tower BGM)"

07. Brandon Strader - "Vampire's Kiss"
Source: "Vampire Killer (Breaking into the Castle BGM)"

08. Daemon9623 - "What a Horrible Night..."
Source: "Black Night (Last Boss BGM)"

09. BONKERS feat. Viking Guitar - "The Gate of Nightmares"
Sources: "Poison Mind (Boss BGM)," "Nothing to Lose (Last Stage BGM)," "Heart of Fire (Dracula's Castle Main Building BGM)," "Out of Time (Clock Tower BGM)," "Black Night (Last Boss BGM)," "Bloody Tears (Street-day time-Stage BGM)" - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, "Vampire Killer (Breaking into the Castle BGM)," "Name Entry 2K2" - Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, "Player Miss," "Voyager (Ending)," "Wicked Child (Outdoors BGM)," "Stalker (Tower BGM)," "Poison Mind" - Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, "Stage Clear"

10. Chernabogue - Underworld Pulse"
Sources: "Underground (Naming BGM)," "Clock Tower" - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, "Walking on the Edge (Underground BGM)"

11. Super Guitar Bros. - "Of Whips and Strings"
Sources: "Prologue (Start BGM)," "Vampire Killer (Breaking Into the Castle BGM)," "Poison Mind (Boss BGM)," "Heart of Fire (Dracula's Castle Main Building BGM)," "Voyager (Ending)"

12. Daemon9623 - "At the Gates"
Source: "Prologue (Start BGM)"

13. Viking Guitar - "Ballad of the Gears"
Source: "Out of Time (Clock Tower BGM)"

14. Hat - "Heartburn to Death"
Source: "Heart of Fire (Dracula's Castle Main Building BGM)"

15. BONKERS - "Children of the Wicked"
Source: "Wicked Child (Outdoors BGM)"

16. The Dual Dragons - "Edge of Darkness"
Source: "Walking on the Edge (Underground BGM)"

17. Omigadrive feat. Viking Guitar - "Veneficus Mens Mentis (Variations on a Theme of Simon)"
Sources: "Poison Mind (Boss BGM)," "Simon Belmont's Theme (Stage 1-2 BGM)" - Super Castlevania IV, "Bloody Tears (Street-day time-Stage BGM)" - Castlevania II

18. Chernabogue - "'And Now, the Finale'"
Sources: "Nothing to Lose (Last Stage BGM)," "Black Night (Last Boss BGM)," "Illusionary Dance Music (Stage 8 · Dracula's Theme)" - Akumajo Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, "Player Miss," "Poison Mind (Boss BGM)"

19. Existence Zero - "Path of the Voyager"
Source: "Voyager (Ending)"

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