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Vampire Variations: Volume III

Catalog Number OCRA-0054
Release Date Oct 31, 2015
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement, Drama
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Disc 1 Arrangement

01 A Dark and Eerie Night (Akumajo Dracula, Prologue) 2:08
02 Bringing Out the Dead (Simon Belmont's Theme) 5:28
03 Selva Oscura (Forest of Evil Spirits) 7:23
04 Heart of Limestone (Limestone Cavern) 5:01
05 Reflections (Waterfall) 2:58
06 Submerged (Submerged City) 3:19
07 Whipped into Shape (Rotating Room) 3:37
08 La Danse Macabre (Boss Theme) 2:16
09 Song of Terror (Ascension to the Castle) 3:57
10 Nevermindia (Knight Corridor) 3:12
11 Deadly Furniture (Banquet Hall) 4:31
12 Damned from the Outset (Dracula's Theme) 4:56
Disc length 48:46
Disc 2 Arrangement

01 Endless Tomes (Library - Collection Space) 6:43
02 Dark Cellar (Cellar) 6:24
03 Candles Galore (Secret Room) 3:44
04 The Harbinger of Death (Treasure Room) 3:25
05 In the Master's Name (Boss Theme 2) 2:22
06 This Blood Don't Run (Bloody Tears) 4:29
07 Dracula Is Our Vampire! (Vampire Killer) 4:12
08 Stairway to Perdition (Beginning) 3:26
09 Dracula's Secretaries (The Attendants' Rooms) 7:23
10 The Night King's Lament (Dracula's Room) 4:55
11 Simon Triumphant (Dracula's Death) 0:34
12 Live by the Cross (Ending Theme) 3:31
Disc length 51:08

  Total tracks 24   Total length 1:39:54


Vampire Variations: Volume III
Album freely available at

This is the end of a grand adventure. Looking back five years ago, I didn't expect I would end up finishing an album trilogy in 2015. I wasn't a posted remixer and not well-known in the VGM scene, and I know I improved a lot since. It started all out as a simple tribute to Castlevania's 25th anniversary, and we're now celebrating its 30th with the final volume of the Vampire Variations trilogy. Once again, Dracula rises as humans wish to pay him tribute.

This last album's production started after several people encouraged me to do it. Plus, when you already have two albums out, you cannot quit before doing a third one. After thinking about which game we should cover, and discussing it with djpretzel himself, I decided to choose Super Castlevania IV for its classic, yet under-remixed soundtrack. As the final volume had to be the most epic, I also decided that all tracks should feature orchestra instruments in order to create a somewhat cinematic experience.

I cannot thank enough all the artists who helped me and dedicated their time to create those albums. I truly hope we have been able to do justice to the Castlevania series with this trilogy, and that people will appreciate our hard work. I am far from being good at writing such notes, so I'll keep it short: enjoy, and thank you for everything.

-Alexandre Mourey



Speaking of delivering, Andrew really succeeded in bringing to life the universe of Castlevania. His style captured the atmospheric essence of Super Castlevania IV and fitted my epic cinematic goal for the project. A great album should (must!) have some great artwork to accompany it, and I couldn't be happier with Andrew's art. A truly gothic companion to our music!

-Alexandre Mourey

Super Castlevania IV has always been about atmosphere. Right from the opening demo; when the sun sets on Dracula's grave, we know that all sorts of things will creep out of the darkness into the fog-enshrouded landscape of Transylvania. Its soundtrack, sound design and graphics all have a sultry, dark and creepy mood that oozes foreboding, that rightfully makes it one of the most popular Castlevania games. For Vampire Variations Volume III, it was necessary that the album's artwork reflect that evocative, all-encompassing sense of dread; the near-hopelessness of Simon Belmont's quest to rid his homeland of raw, unbridled evil that is so prevalent in the original game. That is what I wanted to express.

My thanks go to Chernabogue and his stalwart ensemble of talented musicians for the opportunity to work on this project. The brief snippets of music I was fortunate enough to listen to early in the project really helped the ideas flow, and I can only hope that the visuals have done the album -- their album -- justice. The kind only a Belmont can deliver.

-Andrew Warwick


1-01. Chernabogue feat. XPRTNovice - "A Dark and Eerie Night"
Sources: "Akumajo Dracula (Title including Password)," "Prologue (Stage 1-1 BGM)"

1-02. Brandon Strader - "Bringing Out the Dead"
Source: "Simon Belmont's Theme (Stage 1-2 BGM)"

1-03. Jorito feat. Tuberz McGee, Furilas - "Selva Oscura"
Source: "Forest of Evil Spirits (Stage 2 BGM)"

1-04. Rexy - "Heart of Limestone"
Source: "Limestone Cavern (Stage 3 BGM 1)"

1-05. HoboKa, Chernabogue - "Reflections"
Source: "Waterfall (Stage 3 BGM 2)"

1-06. BMC_WarMachine - "Submerged"
Source: "Submerged City (Stage 3 BGM 3)"

1-07. Sbeast - "Whipped into Shape"
Source: "Rotating Room (Stage 4 BGM 1)"

1-08. Chernabogue - "La Danse Macabre"
Source: "Boss Theme (Boss 1 BGM)"

1-09. goat - "Song of Terror"
Source: "Ascension to the Castle (Stage 5 BGM)"

1-10. Mak Eightman - "Nevermindia"
Source: "Knight Corridor (Stage 6 BGM 1)"

1-11. Slimy - "Deadly Furniture"
Sources: "Banquet Hall (Stage 6 BGM 2)," "Beginning (Stage 10 Dracula's Tower 2 BGM)"

1-12. Eino Keskitalo feat. Tuberz McGee, XPRTNovice, Jorito - "Damned from the Outset"
Source: "Dracula's Theme (Opening Demo)"

2-01. Sam Dillard - "Endless Tomes"
Source: "Library - Collection Space (Stage 7 BGM)"

2-02. Existence Zero - "Dark Cellar"
Source: "Cellar (Stage 8 BGM)"

2-03. PirateCrab - "Candles Galore"
Source: "Secret Room (Bonus BGM)"

2-04. timaeus222 - "The Harbinger of Death"
Source: "Treasure Room (Stage 9 BGM)"

2-05. Aensland - "In the Master's Name"
Source: "Boss Theme 2 (Boss BGM 2)"

2-06. Existence Zero - "This Blood Don't Run"
Source: "Bloody Tears (Stage 10 Clock Tower BGM)"

2-07. Jorito feat. BMC_WarMachine - "Dracula Is Our Vampire!"
Sources: "Vampire Killer (Stage 10 Dracula's Tower 1 BGM)," "Beginning (Stage 10 Dracula's Tower 2 BGM)"

2-08. Audio Sprite - "Stairway to Perdition"
Source: "Beginning (Stage 10 Dracula's Tower 2 BGM)"

2-09. Slimy - "Dracula's Secretaries"
Source: "The Attendants" Rooms (Stage 11 BGM)"

2-10. Sam Dillard - "The Night King's Lament"
Source: "Dracula's Room (Final Stage BGM)"

2-11. Chernabogue - "Simon Triumphant"
Source: "Dracula's Death (Dying Theme)"

2-12. Tuberz McGee - "Live by the Cross"
Source: "Ending Theme (Ending)"

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