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Catalog Number ROUNDER EUROPE CD 23
Release Date Nov 12, 2007
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 35.00 EUR
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Published by productiehuis Oost-Nederland (ON), Rounder Europe
Composed by Rob Hubbard, Jeroen Tel
Arranged by Rob Hubbard
Performed by Ricciotti Ensemble, Thijs Dapper, Margreet van der Molen, Marc Kaptijn, Rosa de Bruin, Anneke Wensink, Geert Rubingh, Ben Mathot, Lieke Arts, Mark Mulder, David Faber, Maarten Storm


Disc 1

01 Cybernoid II 5:36
02 One Man and His Droid 4:50
03 Supremacy 4:25
04 Delta High Score 4:04
05 Hawkeye 4:29
06 Myth 4:59
07 International Karate 6:40
08 Master of Magic 5:08
09 Commando 5:10
10 Monty on the Run 5:48
Disc length 51:09
Disc 2

01 Cybernoid II 6:16
02 One Man and His Droid 6:07
03 Supremacy 3:50
04 Delta High Score 2:45
05 Hawkeye 6:49
06 Myth 4:26
07 International Karate 10:42
08 Master of Magic 5:20
09 Commando 4:11
10 Monty on the Run 6:00
11 Commando High Score 2:00
12 --- Data Track 1 ---
13 Monty ON The Run 5:57
14 --- Data Track 2 ---
Disc length 64:23

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Products represented
Delta, Commando, Monty on the Run, One Man and His Droid, International Karate, Cybernoid II, Hawkeye, Myth, Supremacy
Platforms represented
Commodore 64



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Recognize this floppy box? Holder of many mysterious files some 25 years ago when the world started this amazing discovery trip of processing documents, making calculations and playing games on that new device called computer.

Twentyfive years after Commodore introduced the C64 computer, productiehuis ON invited Rob Hubbard to make orchestral arrangements of the gamemusic written by him and Jeroen Tel for some of the most popular C64 games. Look out for this piece of art that the music of 'C64 orchestra - Run 10' in combination with this unique packaging and a second disc with the original tunes and special features represents!

Cd 1 The orchestral versions of:

Delta, Commando, Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid and International Karate, Cybernoid II, Hawkeye, Myth and Supremacy

CD 2 The original versions of:

Delta, Commando, Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid and International Karate, Cybernoid II, Hawkeye, Myth, Supremacy and Commando High Score.

+ Monty ON The Run (Remix by Deltabeats)

# Interview with Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel
# C64 orchestra trailer

# PDF with additional info
# Zip-file of Monty ON the run for POKE20, remixing the C64 orchestra

Cybernoid II, Supremacy, Hawkeye & Myth composed by Jeroen Tel

One Man And His Droid, Delta, International Karate, Master Of Magic, Commando & Monty On The Run composed by Rob Hubbard

Conductor: Bas Wiegers

Performers: Ricciotti Ensemble

Oboe: Thijs Dapper
Clarinet: Margreet van der Molen
Trumpet: Marc Kaptijn
Horn 1: Rosa de Bruin
Horn 2: Anneke Wensink
Trombone: Geert Rubingh
Violin 1: Ben Mathot
Violin 2: Lieke Arts
Alto Violin: Mark Mulder
Cello: David Faber
Contrabass: Maarten Storm