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GUILTY GEAR Sound LIVE 2014 Archives

Catalog Number ASWJP-16001
Release Date May 26, 2016
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Live Event
Published by Arc System Works / /
Composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari /
Arranged by Norichika Sato /
Performed by Naoki Hashimoto / , Toshihiro Kajihara / , Ryuta Tsubokawa, Toshiya Watanabe, Daisuke Ishiwatari / , Atsushi Hasegawa / , Fumiya Morishita / , YUHKI, Ayumu Koshikawa /
Lyrics by Daisuke Ishiwatari /


Disc 1

01 Does the sheep count the sheep?
02 The Lily of Steel
03 Starry Story
04 Diva
05 Still in the Dark
06 Ride the Fire!
07 Lily
09 The Re-Coming
10 Holy Orders ( Be just or Be Dead )
11 Magnolia Éclair
12 Wanna be Crazy
13 Sky Should be High ( Vocal Version )
14 Freesia
Disc length


Enclosed with the Limited Edition of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-. Contains the selection of songs from the Guilty Gear series played at the Guilty Gear X BlazBlue Music Live 2014 event, as well as vocal songs which are new to -REVELATOR-.

M01-11 - (GGxBB Music Live 2014 Version)
M12 - GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- Arcade Opening Theme
M13 - GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- Boss Theme Vocal Version
M14 - GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- Arcade Ending Theme

Composer & Lyrics: Daisuke Ishiwatari
Arrage: Norichika Sato
Translation Lyrics: Junya C. Motomura
Vocal: Naoki Hashimoto
Guitars: Toshihiro Kajihara, Ryuta Tsubokawa, Toshiya Watanabe, Daisuke Ishiwatari
Bass: Atsushi Hasegawa
Drums: Fumiya Morishita
Keyboards: YUHKI
Violin: Ayumu Koshikawa
Mixing Engineer: Takayuki Noda, Macoteau Takahashi
Assistant Director: Kenta Kuriyama
Sound Producer: Takao Suzuki

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