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Solstice EXTRA: an original sound track of "Feel coming spring"

はるのあしおと オリジナルサウンドトラック「Solstice EXTRA」
Haru no Ashioto Original Soundtrack "Solstice EXTRA"
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 13, 2004 C66
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2000 JPY
Media Format Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Publisherminori / /


Disc 1

01 spring ~feel coming spring~
02 happy together
03 the promise of a smile
04 evening glow
05 to a wonderful future
06 day by day
07 Engagement
08 confession
09 Be Catch!
10 f.c.s. by ensemble



Sold at Comic Market 66. Blue translucent vinyl.

BGM Composed & Arranged by Tenmon

Track 1
   Lyrics by Nobukazu Sakai
   Arranged by Tenmon
   Vocals by Hitomi Harada

Track 3
   Lyrics by Hare Kitagawa [北川 晴]
   Music by Tenmon
   Arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare
   Vocals by Sakura Takatsuki

Track 5
   Lyrics by Mikage
   Music by Tenmon
   Arranged by Djangoman
   Vocals by 白石杏

Track 7
   Lyrics by Yuu Kagami
   Music by Tenmon
   Arranged by Kenichi Okuma
   Vocals by Idumi Maki

Track 9
   Lyrics by Nobukazu Sakai
   Music by Tenmon
   Arranged by Tenmon
   Vocals by Mirei Sakurai

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