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2xLP Vinyl Collection Featuring Music From XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2

XCOM Vinyl Soundtrack
Catalog Number 8BIT-8014
Release Date Aug 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 35.00 USD
Media Format 2 Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publisheriam8bit / /


Music / Michael McCann, Roland Rizzo, Tim Wynn
Mixed by / Tim Wynn, Maximilian Eberle
Mixed at / Sonic Fuel Studios
Additional Programming / Maximilian Eberle, Chris Forsgren
Additional Mixing / Maximilian Eberle, Chris Forsgren
Assistant Programming / Joel Sim Shao Chong
Research Assistant / Sydney Harrison
Album Art / Filip Hodas
Liner Notes / Tim Wynn


Disc 1

01 Enemy Unknown (Menu Music)
02 Breaking Ground (HQ Act I)
03 First Contact
04 Interception
05 The Fate Of The Earth (Mission Control)
06 Terror Upon Us
07 Ready For Battle (Choose Squad)
08 Vigilo Confido
09 Mission Complete
10 The Alien Underbelly (HQ Act II)
11 A Survivor Returns
12 The Gollop Device
13 Resilience Of Man
14 Arrival (HQ Act III)
15 Hyperwave Uplink
16 Discovering The Gift
17 The Volunteer
18 Snap Shot
19 End Game
20 Alien Pact
21 Our Last Hope (Finale)
Disc 2

01 Lazarus
02 First Flight
03 Game Over
04 Infiltrator
05 Welcome To The Lab
06 Out Of The Ashes
07 Unification Day
08 Squad Loadout
09 Obey
10 Weapons Of Choice
11 Break The Line
12 Commander Awakens
13 Retaliation
14 Outpost
15 Last Hope
16 Victory

  Total tracks 37


2LP set on blue and white marbled vinyl.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Disc 1
XCOM 2 - Disc 2

XCOM EU Credits:
Music by Michael McCann, Roland Rizzo, and Tim Wynn

XCOM 2 Credits:
Music by Tim Wynn
Mixed by Tim Wynn and Maximilian Eberle at Sonic Fuel Studios
Additional Programming and Mixing: Maximilian Eberle
Additional Programming and Mixing: Chris Forsgren
Assistant Programming: Joel Sim Shao Chong
Research Assistant: Sydney Harrison

Album Credits:
Album Art by Filip Hodas
Liner notes by Tim Wynn

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, PC, Sony PlayStation 3

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