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Power Overwhelming

Catalog Number N/A (reprint of N/A)
Release Date 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 13.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal, Original Work
Published by TOVG Records
Composed by Jake Kaufman
Arranged by
Performed by Big Bad Bosses, Egoraptor, Grant Kirkhope, Dale North, MatPat, Brizzy Voices, Jesse Cox, Mando Pony, ZanMan72, BrentalFloss, Poke Kellz
Lyrics by Jake Kaufman


Disc 1

01 Intro 1:02
02 I'm The Boss 4:22
03 Princess 3:57
04 Egg Man 3:25
05 Angel 3:40
06 Racing 1:36
07 Anger Management 3:38
08 Capture You 3:51
09 The Raid 3:24
10 Questions 0:49
11 Bears and Birds 3:05
12 Minions 3:30
13 Office 1:04
14 Another Villiain 3:45
15 Bears and Birds (Radio Edit) 3:05
Disc length 44:13

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Also includes an exclusive poster and two exclusive remix tracks from DJ Cutman and Jake Kaufman.

Notes from Parent Album:
The Big Bad Bosses (B3) are pleased to present their debut videogame parody album, Power Overwhelming, featuring Jake "virt" Kaufman's (Shovel Knight, Shantae, Contra 4) music and lyrics with vocal performances by YouTube personalities Jirdard Khalil (Big Bow) of the Completionist and Super Beard Bros, Nathan Smith (Sephy) of Nate Wants to Battle, Alex Faciane (Ronik) of The Dex and Super Beard Bros, Satchell Drakes (G-Ca$h) of Satchbags Goods, and several special guests. Over the course of ten original and hilarious parody tracks, B3 gives voice to fan-favorite videogame villains as they rap and croon about the lot they've been dealt.

Jake Kaufman - Music and Lyrics
Jirard Khalil - Executive Producer, Performer
Alex Faciane - Producer, Performer
Satchell Drakes - Graphic Designer, Performer
Nathan Sharp - Performer
Jacque Khalil - Executive Producer
DJ Cutman - Sound Designer

Performed by Egoraptor

'Bears and Birds'
Performed by Grant Kirkhope

Performed by Dale North

'Another Villain'
Performed by MatPat (Phoenix Wright, Sonic), Brizzy Voices (Tails, Aerith), Jesse Cox (Captain Falcon, Edgesworth), Mando Pony (Link, Megaman, Snake, Big Boss), ZanMan72 (Mario), BrentalFloss (Doctor Wily), Poke Kellz (Peach, Toad, Aerith)

Recorded at Commando Studios
© 2015 TOVG Records