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Organize : Ragnarok Online Arrange CD
Catalog Number IBCD-0001
Release Date Sep 29, 2002
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
PublisherSoundOnline / /


Composer / soundTeMP
Arranger / Tsukasa Yatoki /


Disc 1

01 Plateu -2-Step Remix- 3:55
02 Ancient groover -UG House mix- 5:15
03 Through the tower -Knight of the Tower- 5:00
04 Labyrinth -Double Beat Mix- 5:01
05 Title -Licht der Dunkelheit- 3:34
06 Streamside -Riverside mix- 4:11
07 Theme of Prontera -ibis style- 3:39
08 Ancient groover -UG Trance mix- 5:49
09 Under the ground -HiSpeed mix- 5:24
10 Everlasting Wanderers -Crystal Blue mix- 5:24
Disc length 47:12



Sound Online's first album release containing an all Ragnarok Online arrangement, released at RAG-FES 2.

The album is now available again as a download at (NSFW)

All songs arranged by Tsukasa Yatoki

All songs originally composed by soundTeMP

Track Information:

Tr. 01
Arrangement: Plateau -2-Step Remix-
Original Tune: Plateau
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 02
Arrangement: Ancient groover -UG House mix-
Original Tune: Ancient groover
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 03
Arrangement: Through the tower -Knight of the Tower-
Original Tune: Through the tower
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 04
Arrangement: Labyrinth -Double Beat Mix-
Original Tune: Labyrinth
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 05
Arrangement: Title -Licht der Dunkelheit-
Original Tune: Title
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 06
Arrangement: Streamside -Riverside mix-
Original Tune: Streamside
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 07
Arrangement: Theme of Prontera -ibis style-
Original Tune: Theme of Prontera
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 08
Arrangement: Ancient groover -UG Trance mix-
Original Tune: Ancient groover
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 09
Arrangement: Under the ground -HiSpeed mix-
Original Tune: Under the ground
Game: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 10
Arrangement: Everlasting Wanderers -Crystal Blue mix-
Original Tune: Everlasting Wanderers
Game: Ragnarok Online

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