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Boundarymen Volume I

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 26, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
PublisherHOFFMAN_IV / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / HOFFMAN_IV


Disc 1

01 Boundarymen
02 Home Breeze
03 Carving a Path
04 Boss Battle
05 Victory!
06 Ability Get!
07 Free at Last
08 Eibensbach
09 Sacred Woods
10 Downstream Data
11 Currents of the Deep Sea
12 Dispel the Clouds



"Boundarymen Volume I is not only my debut EP. It is the first part of the retro video game soundtrack I've always dreamed of writing! It started out as a feverish attempt to write something in the style of old Konami and Capcom games for the NES, but it soon developed into an album that reflects my own spirit and tastes as an aspiring composer. I hope you enjoy this album and the several releases that are soon to come." -- HOFFMAN_IV

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NES (Famicom)

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