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Definitions of a Heresy

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 18, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
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Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Original Work
Published by Existence Zero (distributed by Bandcamp / / )
Composed by Vishal Soni, Jorge Guerreiro, Mark Crabtree
Arranged by Vishal Soni, Jorge Guerreiro, Mark Crabtree
Performed by Existence Zero (Vishal Soni, Jorge Guerreiro, Mark Crabtree)
Lyrics by Vishal Soni


Disc 1

01 Invention Theory 3:49
02 Entrenched in Ruin 6:15
03 Path of the Voyager 3:30
04 Dropsite 2:56
05 Bearer of the Word 6:56
Disc length 23:26

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Game, Publication
Products represented
Castlevania, Warhammer 40,000
Platforms represented
NES (Famicom)

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In the furthest reaches of the cosmos, in the darkest fathoms of eternity, the void will cry out for fury. It shall be satiated.

Conflicts resonate through turbulent nebulae: planet against star, mortal against god. For millennia, there is only war. Systems tear themselves apart, empires turn the secrets of the universe against their subjects and torment warps the galaxy. From chaos, submerging the universe beneath ultra-epic waves of melodic aggression, Existence Zero come forth in a surge of Cosmic War Metal; heralding a new dawn with the anciently foretold Definitions Of A Heresy.

Formed in the summer of 2010, Existence Zero is a studio project, conceptualised by Vishal, featuring Mark and Jorge ( and Kapil. Definitions Of A Heresy is the first EP from this project.

Writing began in 2010, using Existence Zero as an outlet to explore various styles of Metal whilst melding various influences. The majority of the recording took place over the summer of 2011, with recording and mixing taking place in Vishal's bedroom studio.

Definitions Of A Heresy explores ideas and concepts from the Horus Heresy (Warhammer 40,000 lore) to the cosmic and epic!
released May 18, 2012

Vishal Soni - bass, vocals, drum programming, additional keys
Jorge Guerreiro - guitars, backing vocals
Mark Crabtree - keys, guitars
Kapil Sharma - guitars (Bearer Of The Word)

All songs written, arranged and performed by Existence Zero,
Except Path of the Voyager based on Voyager written by Kinuyo Yamashita and Satoe Terashima

Produced by Vishal
Co Produced by Jorge & Mark
Engineered by Jorge, Mark & Vishal
Mixed by Vishal

Main cover by Mark Crabtree ( & Marc "Neo" Evans (
Carina Nebula image from and used under creative commons.
Allternate cover by Anita Dorota Kaczmarczyk ( )

Invention Theory
Vishal - bass, drum programming, synth
Jorge - rhythm guitar
Mark - Lead guitar, synth(outro)

Conceptualised by Vishal, Jorge & Mark

Entrenched In Ruin
Vishal - bass, vocals, drum programming
Jorge - rhythm, lead & acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Mark - melodic guitar

Conceptualised by Vishal & Jorge
Lyrics by Vishal

Path of the Voyager
The Existence Zero take on Voyager from the original Castlevania game. Path of the Voyager is also featured on Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute To Castlevania (
Vishal - bass, drum programming, additional synths (outro)
Jorge - lead & rhythm guitar
Mark - synths (intro), clean guitar

Path of the Voyager based on Voyager written by Kinuyo Yamashita and Satoe Terashima. From Castlevania

Conceptualised by Vishal, Jorge & Mark

Influenced by the events on Istvaan V - The Dropsite Massacre from the Horus Heresy
Vishal - bass, vocals, drum programming
Jorge - lead & rhythm guitars, vocals
Mark - acoustic guitar (intro)

Conceptualised by Vishal & Jorge
Lyrics by Vishal

Bearer of the Word
Influenced by the Horus Heresy Novel First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (
Vishal - bass, drum programming
Jorge - lead & rhythm guitars
Mark - Synths
Kapil - lead & melodic guitars

Conceptualised by Vishal
some rights reserved