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Sonic Symphony - 25th Anniversary Remix

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 16, 2016
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
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Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherVernian Process / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Masato Nakamura / , Brad Buxer, Tatsuyuki Maeda / , Jun Senoue / , Sachio Ogawa / , Howard Drossin, Naofumi Hataya / , Masafumi Ogata /
Arranger / Joshua A. Pfeiffer
Performer / Jack Pfeiffer, Martin Irigoyen
Mixing Engineer / Joshua A. Pfeiffer
Mastering Engineer / Joshua A. Pfeiffer


Disc 1

01 Green Hill Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 4:20
02 Starlight Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 3:56
03 Chemical Plant Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 4:00
04 Mystic Cave Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 3:48
05 Angel Island Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 4:20
06 Ice Cap Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 4:42
07 Sandopolis Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 4:22
08 Sky Sanctuary Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 4:38
09 Tidal Tempest Zone (G.F.) (25th Anniversary Remix) 4:23
10 Final Boss Zone (25th Anniversary Remix) 3:58
Disc length 42:27



"Happy 25th Anniversary to Sonic The Hedgehog!

Sonic and I go way back. He was one of my first video game obsessions, and later in life I had the great privilege to work for SEGA of America on Sonic Adventure 2. As well as meet the creator of Sonic himself, "Yuji Naka", during SEGA's 10th Anniversary celebration in 2001.

In 2010 I released a compilation featuring 30 something orchestral versions of tracks pulled from the main 16-bit titles. I decided for the anniversary to revisit this project and release a remix EP featuring two songs from each game. That's Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic CD.

This project was a labor of love, and also marks my first time mixing and mastering my own material. I hope you all enjoy listening to these tracks as much as I enjoyed making them!

Gotta go fast!!!!!"


All songs arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by: Joshua A. Pfeiffer

Guitars on Starlight Zone recorded by my son Jack Pfeiffer, and Vernian Process bandmate, Martin Irigoyen.

All songs originally composed by: Masato Nakamura, Brad Buxer, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Jun Senoue, Sachio Ogawa, Howard Drossin, Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi Ogata

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