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Ayame Crystal

Catalog Number TNBT-0015
Release Date May 08, 2016Reitaisai 13
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 700 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
Published by TaNaBaTa / /
Composed by ZUN
Arranged by TaNaBaTa
Performed by annyyy / , ガット, かずや, アフロ
Lyrics by annyyy / , かずや


Disc 1

01 Strange Dance
02 アヤメクリスタル
03 グリーンアイドガール
04 Ring It
05 ウィッチ・ユー
Disc length


all words: annyyy
except Tr.4: かずや, annyyy

all arrangement: TaNaBaTa

vocal, guitar, synthesizer, etc: annyyy
guitar: ガット
bass: かずや
drums, percussions: アフロ

Illustration: Hayapi

Track origins
01: Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not (Touhou Fuujinroku)
02: Girls' Sealing Club (Ghostly Field Club)
03: The Bridge People No Longer Cross (Touhou Chireiden)
04: The Mystery in Your Town (Double Spoiler)
05: Voile, the Magic Library / Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (Touhou Koumakyou)
06: Merry the Magician (Ghostly Field Club)

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