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LEGION of HEROES - REBIRTH - Lethe's Love Song

영웅의 군단 (Original Game Soundtrack): 레테의 연가
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 20, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 11.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack


Composer / Peter Dalwoo Kim /
Arranger / Peter Dalwoo Kim / , Sim Sangwon, Nile Lee / , David Christiansen, 셔나
Performer / Peter Dalwoo Kim / , Lindsey Park, Eunto / , Hyun-ah Kim, Sang Min Sung, Lee Tae Yoon, Choi Hoon, Yoong String, natural, 유해정
Conductor / Bernd Ruf


Disc 1

01 꽃구름 3:20
02 레테의 연가 3:53
03 운명의 세레나데 1:51
04 새로운 여정 1:32
05 슬픈 연인 1:44
06 Rebirth 3:31
07 악연의 끝 1:59
08 불꽃의 재판관 1:32
09 신세계 방문자 1:05
10 차원의 틈 1:12
11 예지몽 1:58
12 별을 꿈꾸던 날 1:16
13 끝인사 2:11
14 새아침 1:04
15 재회 1:54
16 천상의 정원 1:40
17 요정의 숲 1:45
18 저녁 안부 2:04
19 레테의 연가 (Live) [feat. 양해중 & Lindsey Park] 3:53
20 레테 (Live) 4:37
21 레테의 연가 (Instrumental) 3:53
Disc length 47:54



Original Score Writer: Peter Dalwoo Kim
Vocal: Lindsey Park, Peter Dalwoo Kim, Eunto [은토]
Back Vocal: Peter Dalwoo Kim, Hyun-ah Kim [김현아]
Guitar: Sang Min Sung [성상민]
Bass: Lee Tae Yoon [이태윤], Choi Hoon [최훈]
Orchestrator: Sim Sangwon [심상원], Nile Lee [이나일], David Christiansen
Additional Score Writer: Maestro, 셔나, Miss Lee
Keyboard: Peter Dalwoo Kim
Orchestra Management: Pierre Langer, Marcell Kelemen
Tonmeister: Holger Busse
String: Yoong String [융스트링]
Conductor: Bernd Ruf / Dirigent
Recording Engineers: Sound Edit, 허은숙, 최자연
Sound Effect & Foley Artist: 안용재
Sound Implementor: 민부기
Mixing Engineers: Junseong Cho [조준성] @wSound
Mastering Engineers: Hun Jeon [전훈]
Album Cover Artwork: 황근하

Composer: Peter Dal Woo Kim
Arranger: 셔나, Peter Dalwoo Kim
Vocals: Hye Soo [박혜수]
Back Vocal: Hyun-ah Kim
A/E Guitar: Sang Min Sung
Bass Guitar: Choi Hoon
Keyboard: Peter Dalwoo Kim
String: Yoong String

"레테의 연가"
Vocals: Lindsey Park

"레테의 연가 (Live)"
Vocals: Lindsey Park & natural [양해중]
Guitar: Sang Min Sung
Keyboard: 유해정
String: Yoong String

"레테 (Live)"
Vocals: Lindsey Park
Guitar: Sang Min Sung
Keyboard: 유해정
String: Yoong String

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