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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Soundtrack

Catalog Number SE-3156-2 [Extra Credits]
Barcode 669311315625
Release Date Jun 28, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.98 USD
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Organizations Sumthing Else Music Works / / (Publisher)
Composed by Austin Wintory, Tripod, Jesper Kyd, William Henry Monk
Arranged by Susie Seiter, Austin Wintory
Performed by Sandy Cameron, Tina Guo / , Holly Sedillos, Iain Farrington, Jackie Shave, Patrick Kiernan, Boguslaw Kostecki, Peter Lale, Garfield Jackson, Bruce White, Dave Daniels, Joely Koos, Caroline Dearnley, Sam Coles, Anna Noakes, John Anderson, Janey Miller, Andy Crowley, Alistair Mackie, Tom Strahle, Tripod (Scott Edgar, Simon Hall, Steven Gates), Victoria Atkin
Lyrics by Nahum Tate, Tripod
Conducted by Austin Wintory
Programmer Austin Wintory
Recorded by Jake Jackson
Assisted by Jeff Gartenbaum
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios
Mixed by Steve Kempster, Austin Wintory
Mastered by


Disc 1

01 Bloodlines 1:52
02 London is Waiting 2:45
03 The Dance Begins 2:03
04 Peace and I are Strangers Grown 1:44
05 Soothing Syrup 3:21
06 Give Me the Cure 2:02
07 Danza alla Daggers 3:09
08 The churning seas of London 1:58
09 It's Business, Mr. Frye 2:47
10 The Late Pearl Attaway 1:36
11 Everyone has a price 1:44
12 Destruction's Our Delight 1:41
13 Waltzing on Rooftops and Cobblestones 4:51
14 Cathedrals of Steel 2:04
15 You've Stolen Your Last Shilling 1:40
16 The Tale of Twopenny 1:42
17 Top Hats and Sword Canes 1:41
18 Men Have Become Monsters 2:12
Disc length 40:52
Disc 2

01 The Assassin Two-Step 1:46
02 Too Dreadful a Practice for this Open Air 1:41
03 Take Your Bow, Knave 3:41
04 Feasting on a Lord 1:46
05 A Ballet of Blades 2:22
06 Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire 1:25
07 A Gauntlet Scherzo 3:16
08 London Will Soon be Rid of Your Chaos 2:11
09 Darling, What a Night 2:57
10 Jokes Jokes Jokes 1:18
11 Hooded Allegro Vivace 2:57
12 For Those we Loved 2:08
13 Death is now a Welcome Guest 2:04
14 Bloody Presto Con Brio 3:25
15 So Much for a House Call 1:44
16 I would have created a paradise 5:17
17 Underground 3:20
18 Family 1:56
Disc length 45:14


Music by Austin Wintory
Original music composed, conducted and produced by Austin Wintory

Sandy Cameron, violin
Tina Guo, cello
Holly Sedillos, soprano
Iain Farrington, piano

Orchestrations by Susie Seiter and Austin Wintory
Copyists: Steven Juliani and Nick Fevola
Librarian: Jill Streater and Annie Barnard
MIDI transcription by M.R. Miller
Orchestra contracted by Isobel Griffiths
Assistant orchestra contractor: Jo Changer
Orchestra leader: Jackie Shave

Score recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London. Studio Two.
Engineered by Jake Jackson
ProTools: George Oulton
Score mixed by Steve Kempster
Music editor: Kevin Globerman
Mixing assistant: Jeff Gartenbaum
Synth programming and additional mixing: Austin Wintory
Soundtrack mastered by Steve Kempster

Audio Director: Lydia Andrew
Music Supervisor: Christian Pacaud
Music Business and Publishing Director: Jeremy Blechet
Album Art Direction: Daniel Lucchesi


Sandy Cameron, violin
Tina Guo, cello
Holly Sedillos, soprano
Iain Farrington, piano

Jackie Shave
Patrick Kiernan
Boguslaw Kostecki

Peter Lale
Garfield Jackson
Bruce White

Dave Daniels
Joely Koos
Caroline Dearnley

Sam Coles
Anna Noakes

John Anderson
Janey Miller

Andy Crowley
Alistair Mackie

Guitars: Tom Strahle

Murder ballads by Tripod (Scott Edgar, Simon Hall, Steven Gates) and Austin Wintory
Vocals performed by Tripod
Engineered by Craig Pilkington

"Ezio's Family" vocals performed by Victoria Atkin
Original music theme "Ezio's Family" composed by Jesper Kyd.

Special Thanks:
Lydia Andrew, Christian Pacaud, Carolyn Vezina, Jeremy Blechet, Sarah Kovacs, Richard Kraft, Laura Engel, Victoria Atkins, Ray Costa, each and every musician, Colette Barber and the fabulous crew at Abbey Road, Tripod, Michael Lynch, Jeremy Howard Beck, Amin and Claire, my parents, sister and, of course, Meg.

Dedicated to my father, Terry Wintory, and my dear friend Claire Nabel Matalqa.


M-1.04, 1.12, 2.06, 2.13
Libretto by Nahum Tate
Soprano soloist: Holly Sedillos

Melody taken from William Henry Monk's hymn tune, "Eventide"
Libretto by Nahum Tate
Soprano soloist: Holly Sedillos

M-1.06, 1.10, 1.16, 2.04, 2.10, 2.17
Co-composed by Tripod (Scott Edgar, Steve Gates, Simon Hall) and Austin Wintory
Lyrics by Tripod

Contains arranged "Ezio's Family", originally composed by Jesper Kyd
Vocals performed by Victoria Atkin

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