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Shining Storm ~Rekka no Gotoku~/Heaven's Door / JAM Project

Shining Storm ~烈火の如く~/Heaven's Door / JAM PROJECT
Catalog Number LACM-14515
Barcode 4540774145157
Release Date Jul 27, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1620 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
LabelLantis / /
ManufacturerLantis Co., Ltd. / /
DistributorBANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. / /


Disc 1

01 Shining Storm ~烈火の如く~
02 Heaven's Door
03 神激の勇者~KISHIN~
04 Shining Storm ~烈火の如く~ (off vocal)
05 Heaven's Door (off vocal)
06 神激の勇者~KISHIN~ (off vocal)



M-01 - PS3/PS4 Game "Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers" Opening Theme
Composer: Hironobu Kageyama
Arranger: Makoto Miyazaki, Shiho Terada
Lyricist: Hironobu Kageyama

M-02 - PS3/PS4 Game "Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers" Ending Theme
Composer: Hiroshi Kitadani
Arranger: Hirofumi Miyake
Lyricist: Masami Okui

Composer: Masaaki Endoh
Arranger: Masaki Suzuki
Lyricist: Masaaki Endoh

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Platforms represented
Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4

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