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The Movies Premiere Edition Bonus Disc

Catalog Number 32903.102.US
Release Date Nov 08, 2005
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsLionhead Studios


Composer / Daniel Pemberton
Arranger / Andrew Skeet
Performer / The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Daniel Pemberton, The Movies Big Band, The Movies Ensemble
Recording Engineer / Jan Holzner
Conductor / Daniel Pemberton, Andrew Skeet, Adam Klemens


Disc 1

01 Acid Bass 2:16
02 Armageddon 1969 2:07
03 At The Ritz 1:49
04 Big Bad Bud 2:12
05 Clever Clogs 1:55
06 Dr. Moore's Evil Lab 1:20
07 Femme Fatale 1:48
08 Ferrari Lightning 1:37
09 Fresh Sneakers 2:08
10 Frisky Flute 1:29
11 How's About That 2:20
12 In The Saddle 1:48
13 Magic Of The Movies 1:39
14 Melodramatic Love 2:04
15 Oompa Jumpa 1:56
16 Relaxing By The Sea 3:09
17 Secret Agent 1:53
18 The Big Adventure 1:46
19 Wonky Tonky 1:30
20 Yee Ha 1:35
Disc length 38:21



This Soundtrack Disc is bundled with the "Premiere Edition" of the Game.
Does not contain all music from the game.

Music Composed and Produced by Daniel Pemberton

=Orchestral Music=
Orchestrated by Andrew Skeet
Conducted by Adam Klemens
Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Recorded at Smecky Studios, Prague
Engineer: Jan Holzner

=Big Band Music=
Performed by The Movies Big Band
Recorded at Angel Studios, London
Conducted by Daniel Pemberton
Engineer: Niall Acott

=Jazz/Rock Music=
Performed by The Movies Ensemble
Recorded at Intimate Studios, London
Conducted by Andrew Skeet
Engineer: Paul Madden

Electronics and Piano Performed by Daniel Pemberton
Recorded at Daniel Pemberton's Private Studio, London

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