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Pokémon Reorchestrated: Time Capsule

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 841787184756
Release Date Jun 07, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherBraxton Burks / /
DistributorLoudr / /



Disc 1

01 Pallet Town (From "Pokémon Red and Blue") 2:50
02 New Bark Town (From "Pokémon Gold and Silver") 1:35
03 Humph! Battle vs. Johto Rival (Remix) [From "Pokémon Gold and Silver"] 2:00
04 A Place Called Pallet Town (From "Pokémon Red and Blue") 1:34
05 S.S. Anne (From "Pokémon Red and Blue") 2:37
06 Vermilion City (From "Pokémon Red and Blue") 2:25
07 Battle vs. Kanto Trainer (From "Pokémon Red and Blue") 4:55
08 N's Coronation (From "Pokémon Black and White") 0:48
09 The Champion: Battle vs. Lance and Red (From "Pokémon Gold and Silver") 4:04
10 Through Time and Space: Battle vs. Dialga and Palkia (From "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl") 3:35
11 Ending Theme (From "Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire") 2:57
Disc length 29:20



"Prepare for a blast from the past! Time Capsule is a collection of orchestral Pokémon music covers from the early years of the Pokémon Reorchestrated project by Braxton Burks (and even earlier works from his days of working in GarageBand). Enjoy this trip down memory lane with old favorites such as New Bark Town (2009), S.S. Anne (2010), The Champion ~ Battle VS Lance and Red (2011), and more!"

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