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BLEACH THE MOVIE: Fade to Black Original Soundtrack

劇場版 BLEACH Fade to Black オリジナルサウンドトラック
This album is a bootleg.
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Disc 1

01 Fade To Black_A02 3:06
02 Fade To Black_A05a 2:56
03 Fade To Black_A06 2:24
04 Pray That You Always Understand Me_FX 2:47
05 Guitar Test_A Cappella 3:01
06 Nothing Can Explained_Instrumental 2008 3:29
07 Fade To Black_3BLM_46 2:11
08 Fade To Black_3BLM_51a 0:37
09 Suite "Never Meant to Belong" 1st Mouvement: Violin 1:13
10 Suite "Never Meant to Belong" 2nd Mouvement: Cello&Orchestra 2:09
11 Suite "Never Meant to Belong" 3rd Mouvement: Piano 1:28
12 Fade To Black_A04a 2:49
13 Fade To Black_B07a 1:52
14 Suite "Will of the Heart" 1st Mouvement: Cello&Orchestra 1:53
15 Suite "Will of the Heart" 2nd Mouvement: Violin 1:48
16 Fade To Black_B03 2:17
17 Fade To Black_BLM_01a 1:31
18 Guitar Test 2:59
19 Fade To Black_B14 1:00
20 Fade To Black_B13a 2:44
21 What Can You See In Their Eyes 2:51
22 Stand Up Be Strong (Part I) 2:24
23 Stand Up Be Strong (Part II) 2:08
24 Pray That You Always Understand Me 3:44
25 Pray That You Always Understand Me_Piano 1:26
26 Suite "Going Home" 1st Mouvement: Cello&Orchestra 1:50
27 Suite "Going Home" 2nd Mouvement: Piano Solo 2:34
28 Fade To Black_Irish Dance 2:50
29 Pray That You Always Understand Me_Tony's Cello 3:41
Disc length 67:42


Music Staff

Composed and Arranged by Shiro Sagisu

Synthesizers and Drums Programming: Shiro Sagisu
Piano and Rhodes: Makoto Kuriya
Guitar: Makoto Matsushita and Andrew Smith
Bass: Andrew Smith and Jerome Brown
Drums: Jerry Brown
Japanese Percussions, Flute and Voices: Kiyohiko Semba
Flute: Yuko Mizorogi
Saxophones and Flute: Osamu Koike

Treble (Boy Soprano): Brennan Alleyne
Soprano: Catherine Bott
Cello Solos: Tony Pleeth
Violin Solos: Toshihiro Nakanishi and Daisuke Kadowaki
Piano Solos: Makoto Kuriya
Guitar Solos: Makoto Matsushita and Andrew Smith

The London Studio Orchestra
Violins: Perry Montague-Mason (Leader), Warren Zielinski (Principal 2ns), Patrick Kiernan, Boguslaw Kostecki, Julian Leaper, Tom Pigott-Smith, Pete Hanson, Cathy Thompson, Jonathan Rees, Chris Tombling, Mark Berrow, David Woodcock, Rita Manning, Everton Nelson, Liz Edwards and Emlyn Singleton
Violas: Pete Lale (Principal), Bruce White, Rachel Bolt, Andy Parker, Vicci Wardman and Tim Grant
Celli: Martin Loveday (Principal), Tony Hinnigan, Dave Danniels and Caroline Dale
Basses: Chris Laurence (Principal), Mary Scully and Allen Walley
French Horns: Richard Watkins (Principal), Nigel Black and Mike Thompson

Conducted by Nick Ingman

Choir: Catherine Bott (Soprano, Leader), Deborah Miles-Johnson (Mezzo-Soprano), Andrew Busher (Tenor), Simon Grant (Bass)
Choir Lyrics: Mike Wizgowski

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