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Catalog Number LLLCD 1389
Barcode 826924138922
Release Date Jul 26, 2016 SDCC 2016
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 24.98 USD
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused
PublisherLa-La Land Records / /


Composer / Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion, Mark Koval, Todd Hayen, Beth Ertz, Peter Tomashek, Nerida Tyson-Chew, Richard Bronskill, John Tatgenhorst, Carlos Rodriguez, Lisa Bloom, Carl Johnson, Harvey R. Cohen, Danny Elfman, James Pierpont, Johannes Brahms, Stuart Balcomb, Steve Chesne
Arranger / Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis, Carlos Rodriguez, Jeff Atmajian, Stuart V. Balcomb, Lisa Bloom, Richard Bronskill, Steve Chesne, Lars Clutterham, Harvey Cohen, Beth Ertz (Lee), Todd Hayen, Carl Swander Johnson, Tim Kelly, Tamara Kline, Mark Koval, Mark McKenzie, Tom Morse, John Tatgenhorst, Peter Tomashek, Nerida Tyson-Chew, Shirley Walker
Performer / Kathy Lenski, Bruce Dukov, Margaret Batjer, Jackie Brand, Robert Brosseau, Ron Clark, Henry Ferber, Ron Folsom, Julie Gigante, Diana Halprin, Jean Hugo (Sudbury), Pat Johnson, Karen Jones, Peter Kent, Dimitrie Leivici, Rene Mandel, Ralph Morrison, Sid Page, Don Palmer, Claudia Parducci, Anatoly Rosinsky, Bob Sushel, Lisa Sutton (Johnson), Mari Tsumura Botnick, Dorothy Wade, Ken Yerke, Becky Barr, Dixie Blackstone, Lily Ho Chen, Mike Ferrill, Franklin D. Foster, Razdan Kuyumjian, Jayme Miller, Irma Neumann, Barbra Porter, Debbie Price, Steven L. Scharf, Kwihee Shamban, Jennifer Woodward, Brian Dembow, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Carrie Holzman, Carole Castillo, Rollice Dale, Alan DeVeritch, Marcy Dicterow, Roland Kato, Don McInnes, Carole Mukogawa, Robin Ross, David Stenske, Ray Tischer, Mihail Zinovyev, Steve Erdody, Miguel Martinez, Jodi Burnett, Ron Cooper, Erika J. Duke, Chris Ermacoff, Barry Gold, Paula Hochhalter, Anne Karam (Goodman), Gloria Lum, Mike Mathews, Fred Seykora, Tina Soule, Buell Neidlinger, Margaret Storer, Chuck Domanico, Richard Feves, Norman Ludwin, Ed Meares, Bruce Morgenthaler, David Stone, Ian Walker, Francis Liu Wu, Katie Kirkpatrick, Gayle Levant, Dorothy Remsen, Carol Robbins, Amy Shulman, Nyle Steiner, Susan Greenberg, Glen Garrett, Steve Kujala, Sheridon Stokes, Geri Rotella, Gary Gray, Emily Bernstein, Roy D'Antonio, Jim Kanter, Ralph Williams, Tom Boyd, Jon Clarke, Don Ashworth, Bev Dahlke-Smith, Ron Jannelli, Rose Corrigan, Michael O'Donovan, Dave Riddles, Allen Savedoff, Brian O'Connor, Mark Adams, Jim Atkinson, Steve Becknell, David Duke, Jerry Folsom, Marni Johnson, Yvonne Suzette Moriarty, John Reynolds, Kurt Snyder, Rick Todd, Brad Warnaar, Phillip Yao, Walt Fowler, Malcolm McNab, Rick Baptist, Burnette Dillon, Warren Luening, David Searfoss, Andy Ulyate, Bruce Fowler, Bill Booth, Mike Hoffman, Charlie Loper, Andrew Malloy, Loren Marsteller, Lew McCreary, Michael Millar, Dick Nash, Bill Reichenbach, George Roberts, Phil Teele, George Thatcher, Don Waldrop, J. Tommy Johnson, Jim Self, Tim May, Carl Verheyen, Thom Rotella, Gloria Cheng, Mike Lang, Chet Swiatkowski, Ralph Grierson, Tommy Morgan, Frank Marocco, Bob Zimmitti, Greg Goodall, Peter Limonick, Dale Anderson, Mike Baird, Judy Chilnick, Alan Estes, Dan Greco, Tom Raney, Don Williams
Mastering Engineer / James Nelson
Conductor / Shirley Walker, Steve Bartek


Disc 1 Original Soundtrack

01 Main Title 1:03
02 Off Balance 0:22
03 Society Boys 2:13
04 Introducing Vertigo/Batman on the Dock 1:08
05 The Dart/Attack of the Shadow Men 2:05
06 Father's Laboratory 1:14
07 Laboratory Walls/Lab Tests 1:58
08 The Bell Tower 0:58
09 Ra's Al Ghul 2:03
10 Joker's Wild 0:46
11 Brass Fanfare/Joker's Grand Opening Source 1:22
12 The Joker's Escape 2:38
13 Bruce Investigates/The Joker Arrives 2:53
14 Kaiser Takes Off/Batman Knocked Out 1:03
15 Wakey Wakey/Number's Up/Jackpot/Moping Joker 3:04
16 The Cape and Cowl 0:53
17 Quicksand/The Baron 1:24
18 Wormwood Visits Josek 0:33
19 Gordon Signals for Batman/Damsel in Distress/Wormwood Escapes 2:39
20 Delarue's Wax Museum 2:12
21 Batman Gives Up/Batman Unmasked 1:19
22 Gotcha 3:12
23 Jail Cell Poetry 0:35
24 Damsel in Distress (alternate) 2:01
25 Delarue's Wax Museum (alternate) 2:12
26 Jail Cell Poetry (alternate) 0:35
27 Zatanna/The Magic Show Source 1:24
28 Flashback 0:30
29 Zatanna's Big Trick/Arba De Carba 0:42
30 Arresting Zatanna/Batman Rescues Zatanna 0:33
31 Investigating the Mint/Who's in the Mint? 0:56
32 Kane's a Dummy/Sharp Situation/Get Rid of Him 2:46
33 Bring Them Both/Fight Without Wind 3:31
34 Don't Forget to Write 0:32
35 Jogger/Werewolf Attack 2:23
36 Werewolf Comes Home to Milo/Gassed in the Study 2:27
37 Flashback 2:14
38 Wolf Goes After Antidote/Anthony Becomes a Wolf 2:02
39 Batman Unlocks Shackles/Wolfman and Batman Fight/Wolf Is Electrocuted 2:20
40 Open House 0:35
41 Opening Chase 2:08
42 Limping Home 0:28
43 Arnold Takes a Ride/Penguin Finds the Batmobile/Get the Point 1:51
44 Batman Saves Earl/Challenge of a Lifetime 1:06
45 The Trap Is Set 0:26
46 In the Basement 0:49
47 Penguin Takes Control 0:47
48 Penguin Goes Joyriding 1:53
49 Earl's Revenge/The Only Way to Fly/ Robin Saves the Day 1:38
50 Poetic License 0:23
Disc length 76:49
Disc 2 Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused

01 Logo A (unused) 0:12
02 The Worry Men 0:26
03 The Shamin'/Party Crasher/Up on the Roof 3:00
04 Bruce Wayne's Lottery/Shamin' Grabs the Briefcase/Ronnie's Bag/Shamin' Attacks 2:19
05 Mad Hatter Rejoices/Mannequin Fight 3:24
06 Jungle Flashback/Off With His Head 1:04
07 Hats Off to You/Bat Doll 2:07
08 Jungle Club Source 2:06
09 Boseman's Bloopers 0:39
10 Falling Bricks/Saving Robin 2:40
11 A Gallery of Enemies 1:43
12 The Agony of the Scarecrow/Robin Into Action/Don't Drop the Vial 1:29
13 Gotham Fight Song 0:16
14 His Silicon Soul 2:22
15 The Wayne Manor/Robogas/On With My Life 2:36
16 Robo Gets Zapped/Greenhouse Shattered 2:24
17 A Learning Program 1:21
18 Warehouse Fight 1:05
19 HARDAC Is Reborn/Over the Edge/Robo Soul 3:47
20 Logo B (unused) 0:13
21 Police Response 0:07
22 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 0:47
23 Pukey Jingle Bells Sweetener 0:15
24 To the Observatory 0:20
25 A Word From Our Sponsor 0:13
26 Auld Lang Syne 0:07
27 Bruce Shaves 0:15
28 Epilogue 0:17
29 Rose Café Source #1 1:03
30 Rose Café Source #2 2:03
31 Harvey in Ambulance/Harvey Into Hospital 1:09
32 Bruce Takes Blood Smear/ No Antidote 0:41
33 Ms. Ivy Hugs Bruce 0:23
34 Perfume Commercial 0:17
35 A Little Plant Muzak (discrete) 1:01
36 The Carnivorous Plant (discrete)/Batman vs. the Flytrap (unused) 1:17
37 Batcave Classical 0:17
38 Circus Source #2 (unused) 1:49
39 Gordon's Raid 0:30
40 Harvey Loses It/Big Bad Harv/Juicy Dirt 1:32
41 They Always Come Back 0:14
42 Harvey Makes a Call 1:17
43 The Great Equalizer (alternate) 3:39
44 Full Moon Transition 0:22
45 Peregrinator's Source 1:28
46 Batman Pulls the File 0:51
47 The Greenhouse Visit/Let's Get Some Air 1:51
48 Batman Chases Croc (alternate) 1:38
49 Bullock's Back 0:07
50 Ceremonial Band Source #1 0:10
51 Ceremonial Band Source #2 0:11
52 Lonely Bruce 0:23
53 Running from the Cops 0:52
54 Circus Music (unused) 0:33
55 Question Mark Motif (episode take) 0:05
56 Musical Puzzle (alternate) 0:09
57 Hijacked Hand (alternate) 1:06
58 Destroy Them (alternate) 0:46
59 Club Source #4 (alternate) 0:39
60 Drum Sting 0:05
61 Snooty Source 1:13
62 Museum Source 1:51
63 Roll Over Leoncavallo 2:27
64 The Drop (alternate) 0:55
65 The Penguin's Opera (alternate) 2:06
66 High Society (episode take) 0:17
67 End Credits 0:45
Disc length 75:36

  Total tracks 117   Total length 2:32:25


Premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (July 20th).

Music by:

Disc 1
Danny Elfman - 01
Mark Koval - 02, 05, 06, 09, 17, 19~23
Michael McCuistion - 03, 04, 07, 08
Todd Hayen - 10~15
Beth Ertz - 16, 18, 24~26
Peter Tomashek - 27, 29~32, 41, 43, 45, 47, 50
Nerida Tyson-Chew - 28, 33, 34
Richard Bronskill - 35~40
John Tatgenhorst - 42, 44, 46, 48, 49

Disc 2
Shirley Walker - 01, 11, 20, 21, 25, 27~30, 34~36, 39~43, 45, 52, 53, 61, 62, 64~66
Lolita Ritmanis - 02~08, 24, 33, 44
Carlos Rodriguez - 09, 12, 13, 50, 51, 54~58
Lisa Bloom - 10
Carl Johnson - 14~16
Harvey R. Cohen - 17~19
Traditional - 22, 26
James Pierpont - 23
Michael McCuistion - 31, 32, 38, 46~49
Johannes Brahms - 37
Stuart Balcomb - 59, 60
Steve Chesne - 63
Danny Elfman - 67

Michael McCuistion - 22, 26
Shirley Walker - 23
Lars Clutterham - 37

* Includes thematic material by Shirley Walker
Disc 1
tr. 04 (Batman on the Dock), 05 (Attack of the Shadow Men), 09, 13, 15 (Number's Up/Jackpot), 19 (Gordon Signals for Batman), 22, 23, 30 (Batman Rescues Zatanna), 33 (Fight Without Wind), 34, 35 (Werewolf Attack), 39 (Batman Unlocks Shackles/Wolf Is Electrocuted), 41, 43, 44 (Batman Saves Earl), 45, 47, 48, 49, 50 (The Only Way to Fly/Robin Saves the Day)

Disc 2
tr. 03 (Party Crasher), 04 (Ronnie's Bag), 05, 07, 10 (Saving Robin), 12 (Robin Into Action), 14, 15 (The Wayne Manor/On With My Life), 16 (Robo Gets Zapped), 18, 19 (HARDAC Is Reborn/Over the Edge), 47 (The Greenhouse Visit), 48, 49

** Includes thematic material by Mark Koval
Disc 1
tr. 03, 04 (Batman on the Dock)

*** Includes thematic material by Lolita Ritmanis
Disc 2
tr. 11, 32 (No Antidote)

**** Includes thematic material by Carl Johnson
Disc 2
tr. 17, 18, 19 (HARDAC Is Reborn/Over the Edge)


This album is presented with gratitude and deepest regard for the entire musical Bat-family - the composers, orchestrators, musicians, audio technicians and many others who made this album possible; those who are with us today, and those who are not.

Album Producers for La-La Land Records: John Takis and Neil S. Bulk

Executive Producers for La-La Land Records: MV Gerhard and Matt Verboys

Music Editors: Tom Milano, J.J. George & Patricia Carlin

Digitally Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland

Art Direction: Jim Titus

Production Assistance: Frank K. DeWald and Dan Goldwasser

All Music Published by Warner-Olive Music, LLC (ASCAP) and Warner-Barham Music, LLC (BMI).

Special Thanks: Lisa Bloom, Richard Bronskill, Beth Ertz, Todd Hayen, Carl Johnson, Mark Koval, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis, Carlos Rodriguez, John Tatgenhorst, Peter Tomashek, Nerida Tyson-Chew, Ian Walker, Colin Walker, Marilynn Musiker-Roth, Doug Adams, Cindy Badell-Slaughter, Joseph Billé, Bruce Broughton, Kenton Bymaster, Andie Childs, Jody Houser, Helen San, Michael Schelle, John Yanez


Shirley Walker
Steve Bartek (Main, End Titles)

Patti Zimmitti
Joyce Ryan

Kathy Lenski
Bruce Dukov
Margaret Batjer
Jackie Brand
Robert Brosseau
Ron Clark
Henry Ferber
Ron Folsom
Julie Gigante
Diana Halprin
Jean Hugo (Sudbury)
Pat Johnson
Karen Jones
Peter Kent
Dimitrie Leivici
Rene Mandel
Ralph Morrison
Sid Page
Don Palmer
Claudia Parducci
Anatoly Rosinsky
Bob Sushel
Lisa Sutton (Johnson)
Mari Tsumura Botnick
Dorothy Wade
Ken Yerke
Becky Barr
Dixie Blackstone
Lily Ho Chen
Mike Ferrill
Franklin D. Foster
Razdan Kuyumjian
Jayme Miller
Irma Neumann
Barbra Porter
Debbie Price
Steven L. Scharf
Kwihee Shamban
Jennifer Woodward

Brian Dembow
Kenneth Burward-Hoy
Carrie Holzman
Carole Castillo
Rollice Dale
Alan DeVeritch
Marcy Dicterow
Roland Kato
Don McInnes
Carole Mukogawa
Robin Ross
David Stenske
Ray Tischer
Mihail Zinovyev

Steve Erdody
Miguel Martinez
Jodi Burnett
Ron Cooper
Erika J. Duke
Chris Ermacoff
Barry Gold
Paula Hochhalter
Anne Karam (Goodman)
Gloria Lum
Mike Mathews
Fred Seykora
Tina Soule

Buell Neidlinger
Margaret Storer
Chuck Domanico
Richard Feves
Norman Ludwin
Ed Meares
Bruce Morgenthaler
David Stone
Ian Walker
Francis Liu Wu

Katie Kirkpatrick
Gayle Levant
Dorothy Remsen
Carol Robbins
Amy Shulman

Nyle Steiner

Susan Greenberg
Glen Garrett
Steve Kujala
Sheridon Stokes

Geri Rotella

Gary Gray
Emily Bernstein
Roy D'Antonio
Jim Kanter
Ralph Williams

Tom Boyd
Jon Clarke
Don Ashworth

Bev Dahlke-Smith
Ron Jannelli
Rose Corrigan
Michael O'Donovan
Dave Riddles
Allen Savedoff

Brian O'Connor
Mark Adams
Jim Atkinson
Steve Becknell
David Duke
Jerry Folsom
Marni Johnson
Yvonne Suzette Moriarty
John Reynolds
Kurt Snyder
Rick Todd
Brad Warnaar
Phillip Yao

Walt Fowler
Malcolm McNab
Rick Baptist
Burnette Dillon
Warren Luening
David Searfoss
Andy Ulyate

Bruce Fowler
Bill Booth
Mike Hoffman
Charlie Loper
Andrew Malloy
Loren Marsteller
Lew McCreary
Michael Millar
Dick Nash
Bill Reichenbach
George Roberts
Phil Teele
George Thatcher

Don Waldrop
J. Tommy Johnson
Jim Self

Tim May
Carl Verheyen
Thom Rotella

Gloria Cheng
Mike Lang
Chet Swiatkowski
Ralph Grierson

Tommy Morgan

Frank Marocco

Bob Zimmitti
Greg Goodall
Peter Limonick
Dale Anderson
Mike Baird
Judy Chilnick
Alan Estes
Dan Greco
Tom Raney
Don Williams

Michael McCuistion
Lolita Ritmanis
Carlos Rodriguez
Jeff Atmajian
Stuart V. Balcomb
Lisa Bloom
Richard Bronskill
Steve Chesne
Lars Clutterham
Harvey Cohen
Beth Ertz (Lee)
Todd Hayen
Carl Swander Johnson
Tim Kelly
Tamara Kline
Mark Koval
Mark McKenzie
Tom Morse
John Tatgenhorst
Peter Tomashek
Nerida Tyson-Chew
Shirley Walker

Barbara Caton
Wayne Coster
Howard Drew
Barbara Franklin
Dan Franklin
Joel Franklin
Mark Frisbie
Kirby Furlong
Harold Garrett
Sandra Garrett
Robert Manrique
Alexander Matson
Don McGinnis
Joseph McGuire
Barrett O'Hara
Larry Rench
Ruthann Schaeffer
Eric Stonerook
Janis Stonerook
Jim Surell
Thomas Tedesco
Jeremy Thale
Seth Wittner


Limited Edition of 3000 units.

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