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Disc 1

01 World of Warcraft - "Malach, Angel Messenger" 5:49
02 Super Mario World 5:32
03 Ico - "You Were There" 3:50
04 Xenoblade - "Guar Plains" 3:58
05 Command & Conquer - "Hell March" 3:33
06 Metroid 3:52
07 Grim Fandango 4:07
08 Chrono Cross - "Radical Dreamers" 4:40
09 Phoenix Wright 3:09
10 Okami 4:01
11 Top Gear 3:44
12 The Legend of Zelda: "A Celtic Link" 5:33
Disc length 51:48


Early digital release for Kickstarter backers. Retail digital and physical CD to follow.

1. World of Warcraft - "Malach, Angel Messenger"
Composed by Eimear Noone
Featuring Malukah

2. Super Mario World
Composed by Koji Kondo

3. Ico - "You Were There"
Composed by Michiru Oshima
Lyrics by Lynne Hobday
Featuring Laura Intravia & Omar Najmi

4. Xenoblade - "Guar Plains"
Composed by ACE+

5. Command & Conquer - "Hell March"
Composed by Frank Klepacki

6. Metroid
Composed by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka & Kenji Yamamoto

7. Grim Fandango
Composed by Peter McConnell

8. Chrono Cross - "Radical Dreamers"
Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda
Lyrics by Noriko Mitose
Featuring Laura Intravia

9. Phoenix Wright
Composed by Masakazu Sugimori & Noriyuki Iwadare

10. Okami
Composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi & Rei Kondo

11. Top Gear
Composed by Barry Leitch

12. The Legend of Zelda "A Celtic Link"
Composed by Koji Kondo & Kenta Nagata
Reimagined by Eimear Noone & Craig Stuart Garfinkle


Executive Producer - Tommy Tallarico

Mixed at Skywalker Sound, Marin County, CA
Mixing Engineer: Leslie Ann Jones
Assistant Engineer: Andre Zweers, Dann Thompson
Music Editor: Andre Zweers

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan
Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus
Conducted by Eimear Noone
Concert Master: Lucie Svehlova
Choir Master: Miriam Nemcova
Recorded at Smecky Music Studios, Prague
Recording Engineer: Jan Holzner
Assistant Engineers: Michael Hradisky
Score Recording Producer: Craig Garfinkle
Orchestra Contracting/Session Supervision: James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music
Translator: Stanja Vomackova
Music Preparation: DeRoché Music, Inc.

Arrangers: Tommy Tallarico, Laura Intravia, Eimear Noone, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, Wayne Strange, Peter McConnell, Nic Raine, Frank Klepacki, Trevor Gomes, Jared Cowing

Business Management: Beth Sabbagh, Kenzo Mora, Jamie Yaller, Tess Jablon,
David Weise & Associates - Encino, CA

Vocal Soloists: Laura Intravia, Omar Najmi, Malukah, Sibéal Ní Chasaide
Guitars: Tommy Tallarico, Shota Nakama, Frank Klepacki, Masato Itoh, Clint Bajakian
Ocarina: David Ramos
Piano: Brendon Shapiro
English Horn, Shinobue, Shakuhachi, Hichiriki: Kristin Naigus
Flute: Laura Intravia
Vibes/Congas: Doug Perry
Drums: Blaize Collard
Bass: Louis A. Ochoa, Ben Johnson
Taiko Drums: Isaku Kageyama
Additional Percussion: Wayne Strange
Additional Zelda Instrumentation: DIT Irish Traditional Music Ensemble

Album Art Design: Tommy Tallarico

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