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The Boxtrolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Catalog Number BLM0279
Barcode 857970002790
Release Date Sep 23, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.98 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelBack Lot Music / /


Composer / Dario Marianelli, Eric Idle, Malvina Reynolds, Jessie Donaldson, Ritchie Young
Arranger / Dario Marianelli, Geoff Alexander, Mark Orton, Ritchie Young
Performer / Rolf Wilson, Annabelle Meare, Charles Sewart, Harvey De Souza, Jonathan Morton, Julian Leaper, Marije Johnston, Maya Magub, Rebecca Scott, Thomas Gould, Thomas Kemp, Ralph De Souza, Alison Dods, Beatrix Lovejoy, Catherine Morgan, Fenella Barton, Helen Cox, Helen Hathorn, Laurence Jackson, Magnus Johnston, Martin Burgess, Simon Blendis, Ann Beilby, Garfield Jackson, James Boyd, Julia Knight, Meghan Cassidy, Philip Dukes, Rachel Bolt, Simone Van Der Giessen, Timothy Grant, Vicci Wardman, Adrian Bradbury, Alastair Blayden, Ben Chappell, Brian O'Kane, David Daniels, Richard Harwood, Rowena Calvert, Will Schofield, Ben Russell, Leon Bosch, Lynda Houghton, Paul Sherman, Stacy Watton, Hugh Webb, Eliza Marshall, Gareth Davies, Sarah Newbold, Christopher Cowie, Christopher O'Neal, Emily Pailthorpe, Emily Palthorpe, Charys Green, Emma Canavan, Nick Rodwell, David Chatterton, Gavin McNaughton, Richard Skinner, Michael Thompson, Paul Gardham, Richard Bayliss, Richard Watkins, Paul Archibald, Philip Cobb, Torbjorn Hultmark, Owen Slade, Dan Jenkins, Eric Crees, Ian Fasham, Frank Ricotti, Joby Burgess, Tristan Fry, Eddie Hession, Sylvia Hallett, Dario Marianelli, Peter Harris, Alex Tsilogiannis, Thomas Kennedy, Edmund Saddington, Mark Orton, Loch Lomond, Sean Patrick Doyle
Lyricist / Dario Marianelli, Eric Idle, Jessie Donaldson, Ritchie Young
Recording Engineer / Nick Wollage
Recording Studio / Air Lyndhurst
Mixing Engineer / Nick Wollage
Mixing Studio / Air Lyndhurst
Mastering Engineer / Andy Walter
Mastering Studio / Abbey Road Studios
Programmer / Jody Jenkins


Disc 1

01 The Unspeakable Has Happened 2:21
02 The Scavengers 2:26
03 The Boxtrolls Cavern 2:32
04 Eggs' Music Box 1:50
05 Quattro Sabatino 2:38
06 One Busy Night 2:34
07 Rooftop Chase 1:38
08 Broken Eggs 2:00
09 Cheesebridge Funfair 0:46
10 The Boxtrolls Song 2:35
11 Snatcher And His Stooges 1:35
12 Allergic 4:50
13 To The Rescue 1:58
14 I'm Sure I Am Delicious 1:59
15 I Was Given To Them 2:53
16 What's a Father? 1:33
17 Slap Waltz 2:27
18 Snatcher's Dramatical Entrance 3:25
19 Look What You Did 3:45
20 Jelly! 4:11
21 Last Battle 3:43
22 Say Cheese 2:01
23 Little Boxes 2:36
24 Some Kids 3:02
25 Whole World 1:35
Disc length 62:53



Music Composed and Conducted by Dario Marianelli
Music Supervisor: Maggie Rodford
Orchestrators: Dario Marianelli and Geoff Alexander
Music Editor: James Bellamy
Assistant Music Supervisor: Laura Nakhla
Score Recorded and Mixed by Nick Wollage
Assistant Engineers: Fiona Cruickshank and John Prestage
Music Copyist: Colin Rae
Orchestra Contractor: Hilary Skewes
Orchestra Leader: Rolf Wilson
Musical Saw Solo: Sylvia Hallett
Music Programmer: Jody Jenkins
Midi Transcription: Samuel Pegg
Music and Legal Services: Christine Bergren
Business and Legal Affairs for LAIKA: Rosemary Colliver
Business and Legal Affairs for Focus Features: Beth Lemberger

Executive In Charge of Back Lot Music: Mike Knobloch
Business Affairs for Back Lot Music: Philip M. Cohen
Production Director for Back Lot Music: Jake Voulgarides
Marketing for Back Lot Music: Nikki Walsh

Score Recorded and Mixed at Air Lyndhurst
Album Mastered by Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios
Soundtrack packaging and design by Brian Porizek

Special Thanks to: Travis Knight, David Bleiman Ichioka, Anthony Stacchi, Graham Annable, David Dresher, Ben Urquhart, Gary Raksis, Tom Hoberman, Martin Pelham, Kyle Staggs, Angela Leus, Whitney Wilson, Nancy Schimmel & Allegra Giagu.


Violin I:
Rolf Wilson
Annabelle Meare
Charles Sewart
Harvey De Souza
Jonathan Morton
Julian Leaper
Marije Johnston
Maya Magub
Rebecca Scott
Thomas Gould
Thomas Kemp

Violin II:
Ralph De Souza
Alison Dods
Beatrix Lovejoy
Catherine Morgan
Fenella Barton
Helen Cox
Helen Hathorn
Laurence Jackson
Magnus Johnston
Martin Burgess
Simon Blendis

Ann Beilby
Garfield Jackson
James Boyd
Julia Knight
Meghan Cassidy
Philip Dukes
Rachel Bolt
Simone Van Der Giessen
Timothy Grant
Vicci Wardman

Adrian Bradbury
Alastair Blayden
Ben Chappell
Brian O'Kane
David Daniels
Richard Harwood
Rowena Calvert
Will Schofield

Double Bass:
Ben Russell
Leon Bosch
Lynda Houghton
Paul Sherman
Stacy Watton

Hugh Webb

Flute & Piccolo:
Eliza Marshall
Gareth Davies
Sarah Newbold

Christopher Cowie
Christopher O'Neal
Emily Pailthorpe

Cor Anglais:
Christopher Cowie
Emily Palthorpe

Charys Green
Emma Canavan
Nick Rodwell

Bass Clarinet:
Emma Canavan

David Chatterton
Gavin McNaughton
Richard Skinner

Contra Bassoon:
David Chatterton
Richard Skinner

Michael Thompson
Paul Gardham
Richard Bayliss
Richard Watkins

Paul Archibald
Philip Cobb
Torbjorn Hultmark

Owen Slade

Dan Jenkins
Eric Crees

Bass Trombone:
Ian Fasham

Frank Ricotti
Joby Burgess
Tristan Fry

Tristan Fry

Eddie Hession

Musical Saw:
Sylvia Hallett

Dario Marianelli


"Quattro Sabatino"
Words and Music by Dario Marianelli
Featured Vocals by Peter Harris, Alex Tsilogiannis, Thomas Kennedy, Edmund Saddington

"The Boxtrolls Song"
Words and Music by Eric Idle
Demo Music Arranged by Marc Mann
Arranged by Mark Orton and Ritchie Young
Performed by Mark Orton and Loch Lomond
Featured Vocalist: Sean Patrick Doyle

"Little Boxes"
Composer: Malvina Reynolds
Published by Schroder Music Co. (ASCAP)
Arranged by Ritchie Young
Performed by Loch Lomond
Licensed by arrangement with Schroder Music Co.

"Some Kids"
Words and Music by Jessie Donaldson and Ritchie Young
Additional Mixing by Tony Lash
Performed by Loch Lomond

"Whole World"
Arranged by Ritchie Young
Performed by Loch Lomond

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