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God Save The Girls / Shino Shimoji [Limited Edition]

God Save The Girls / 下地紫野
Catalog Number VTZL-123
Barcode 4580325322798
Release Date Oct 26, 2016
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 1944 JPY
Media Format CD + DVD
Classification Vocal
Labelflying DOG / /
ManufacturerFlyingDog, Inc. / /
DistributorJVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp. / /



Disc 1 (CD) [VTCL-35241]

01 God Save The Girls 4:19
02 プ・レ・ゼ・ン・ト 4:00
03 せかいが終わるまえに 4:34
04 God Save The Girls (instrumental) 4:19
05 プ・レ・ゼ・ン・ト (instrumental) 4:00
06 せかいが終わるまえに (instrumental) 4:37
Disc length 25:49
Disc 2 (DVD) [VTBY-130]

01 God Save The Girls MV 4:26
Disc length 4:26

  Total tracks 7   Total length 30:15


M-01 - TV Anime "Magic of Stella" Opening Theme
Composer: kz
Arranger: kz
Strings Arranger: Yu Manabe
Lyricist: Yuho Iwasato

  Programming & All Other Instruments: kz
  Strings: Yu Manabe Strings

M-02 - TV Anime "Magic of Stella" Episode 7 Insert Song
Composer: Kohei Kojima
Arranger: Ruka Kawada
Lyricist: Anju Mana

Composer: Tomohiro Akiura
Arranger: Keisuke Yamasaki
Lyricist: Tomohiro Akiura

  Programming & All Other Instruments: Keisuke Yamasaki
  Strings: Hitoshi Konno Strings

Recording Engineer: Hiromitsu Takasu (Victor Studio)
Mixing Engineer: Keisuke Fujimaki (IXY MUSIC) [M-1], Hiromitsu Takasu (Victor Studio) [M2], Satoshi Kumasaka (prime sound studio form) [M-3]

Assistant Engineer: Hiroyuki Kishimoto (Victor Studio), Toshiyuki Kawahito (Victor Studio), Masashi Kitazawa (Victor Studio)

Recording Studio: Victor Studio
Mixing Studios: studio MSR, Victor Studio, prime sound studio form

Mastering Engineer: Akihiro Shiba
Mastering Studio: TEMAS

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